You’ve Got WHAT in Your Gym Bag?

One man and two women working out at the gym on tredmills

The new year’s here and you made your resolution: to get fit. You pick up a shiny new gym bag and load it with all the essentials…or did you?

By now you may be feeling it. The weight of your gym bag holding you down. Save the bicep workout for the gym – not lugging your duffel around. A well-edited gym bag will instantly lighten your load, packing in all the necessities for a great sweat session plus post-workout refresh.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Take a peek at what some of our Burlington associates have in their gym bag to discover what essentials you should be stashing in yours right now.

laydown shot of yoga and workout outfits with accessories and water bottle


These fun leggings, workout bra and day-glo tank have Marisa looking fabulous and feeling comfortable on and off the mat. And speaking of mats, she chose one in a vibrant hue for a splash of panache. Resistance bands and yoga blocks are just the thing for getting her stretch on while a soft headband keeps those loose strands out of view when doing downward dog. And when she’s running errands after class, Marisa sports an updated, brightly colored fanny pack to stay hands-free on the go.


For Matt, interval training is super effective in slimming down and burning fat fast. But he needs a workout wardrobe to keep up with him. That’s why he goes with compression pants to help increase blood flow to muscles while training and speed up recovery post-workout. Then he adds some loose-fitting gym shorts, a lightweight, breathable top and supportive sneakers to help get him moving. For a warm-up, Matt loves a quick hit of jump rope – his Bluetooth headphones, arm band and activity tracker make sure he doesn’t miss a beat. Matt never leaves home without his workout gloves…great for getting a good grip during kettlebell swings. And when he’s ready for a cooldown, Matt just unpacks his flip flops for the shower, his favorite cologne and a healthy snack.

laydown shot of men's workout clothes with sneakers, snadals, headphones and worout accessories

laydown image of workout clothes, gym bag, towel, shower accessories, a banana, and water bottle


Hitting the treadmill? Shakeena keeps her style options open by bringing both spandex shorts and leggings (check out the cool crisscross cutouts on these babies!). For extra motivation, Shakeena opts for an inspirational tee to show she’s totally hardcore. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – that’s a cardinal rule when Shakeena gets her fit on (you’ll always find her water bottle close by!). And after her sweat session is done, she rewards herself with some well-deserved pampering. Her bag is packed with shower gel, fluffy towel, deodorant, hairbrush, mini flatiron, plus a banana to fuel up.

Having a well-stocked gym bag makes the process of actually going to the gym a bit less of a struggle. But your bag is only as good as what’s inside. Pack up the night before so you’re ready, set, sweat for a great workout the next day.

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  • Jennifer |

    This is great motivation to get me back in the gym!

  • Yasmeen |

    Nice! I always make sure to bring a book with me to read. Some of these wirkout clothes are really cute. I'll have to go to Burlington and get some :-)