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The world of beer, wine and cocktail glassware is quite varied. But selecting the right drinkware goes beyond just enhancing the appearance of your table or bar presentation.

Specialized glassware is designed to complement the beverage it’s intended to serve, helping to maximize aromas and body of the drink. There’s a real purposefulness behind each glass that affects your overall drinking experience.

Wondering what glass is the best one to use? Check out our glassware guide to help you choose the right drinking vessel to enjoy your beverage at peak flavor.

Red wine glasses with red wine in them

Red Wine

Red wines are usually served in larger bowled wine glasses – the greater exposed surface area gives them a chance to breathe without losing aroma. Fill only one-third full, so wine can be swirled to bring out its flavor.

Sip With Red Wines Like

  • Burgundy
  • Pinot Noir
  • Chianti
White wine glasses with white wine in them

White Wine

White wine glasses feature a smaller mouth area. With less surface area to aerate, the wine will not oxidize as fast. This retains the more delicate crisp notes found in these wines. White wine glasses are also equipped with a taller stem to keep the warmth of your hand away from the bowl.

Sip With White Wines Like

  • Chardonnay
  • Sauvignon Blanc
Martini glasses with martinis in them and a lemon peel garnish


The ultra-swanky martini, aka the cocktail glass, is elegantly designed with its iconic wide triangular shape and a long stem. This unique silhouette allows for the release of aromas while maintaining enough structure to keep drinks from separating over time.

Sip With Cocktails Like

  • Vodka Martini
  • Cosmopolitan
Coupe glasses with champagne in them


Glassware loved by flappers! TV shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire have given the coupe some love lately, bringing it back into popularity for the twenty-first century. Originally created to serve champagne, the coupe is a stemmed glass featuring a broad, shallow bowl. Nowadays, coupe glasses are typically used for drinks (shaken or stirred) but served without ice.

Sip With Drinks Like

  • Champagne
  • Manhattan
  • Sidecar
Moscow mule glasses with a drink and a lime garnish

Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule has been served in a copper mug since it was first introduced to the U.S. in the 1940s. The copper mug is integral in bringing out the flavors of this drink. When poured, the copper begins to oxidize, heightening the aroma and taste of vodka, making the ginger beer more bubbly and reducing the acidity of the lime juice while turning up the citrus notes. But that’s not all the mule mug does – the metal takes on the cold temperature of the drink, giving a cooler sensation when enjoyed.

Sip With Drinks Like

  • Moscow Mule
  • Apple Cider Moscow Mule
  • Kentucky Mule
Pilsner glasses with beer in them


Tall and skinny, this type of beer glass showcases the color of beers and locks in aromas. The wider top brings out its true flavor profile while preserving proper headspace for foam.

Sip With Lighter Beers Like

  • Lagers
  • Wheat Beers
Lowball glasses with whiskey in them


This short glass goes by a few names: old fashioned, the “rocks” – even the tumbler. It’s equipped with a thicker base so ingredients can be muddled in the glass before the spirit is added. A wide rim lets the drinker appreciate the aroma.

Sip With Drinks Like

  • Whiskey
  • White Russian
  • Mojito

This is just the beginning. Burlington is packed with tons of drinkware to help you enjoy your favorite wine, cocktail, champagne and beer to its fullest.

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    I am looking for the rack which holds the stemware for display. But hanging them upside down.By the stem. All a person has to do is remove one from the rack to use.

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