What’s Your Purse-onality?

Woman holding black purse

Backpack. Tote. Clutch. Take this quiz to find out which dream bag is the perfect match for your personality!

1. Your outfit isn’t complete without

  1. A trendy statement necklace – bring on the bling
  2. A gorgeous watch
  3. Your favorite stud earrings

2. Which celebrity would you love to go shopping with?

  1. Rihanna
  2. Emma Watson
  3. Blake Lively

3. Why were you sent to the principal’s office?

  1. You broke the dress code…again
  2. You received an award – your hard work is paying off
  3. You heard the principal needed a few volunteers for a project…and you’re happy to help

4. What’s your heel height of choice?

  1. Full-on stiletto – the higher the better
  2. Flats all the way – sensible yet chic
  3. A modest pump – work appropriate and oh-so feminine

5. When ordering at a restaurant, do you

  1. Try the new dish that just hit the menu – you love surprises!
  2. Choose from the specials – it’s a great value and comes with everything
  3. Order your favorite entrée – you enjoy it every single time

If you got mostly A’s

You're Trendy Tammy

You’re the cool girl…without even trying. You’re up for anything, including giving a go of all the newest trends to hit the runway.

Your Go-To Bag: Backpack

This season’s backpacks are all grown up. Fresh colors. Unexpected textures. Seriously cool details. Plus, plenty of style to take you from work to weekend in a snap.

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If you got mostly B’s

You're Pratctical Patty

Hey “goal” getter – you’ve got places to go, people to see. You’re a woman who knows what she wants out of life…and her bag.

Your Go-To Bag: Tote

The tote is the perfect bag to indulge your sensible side. It gives you the room you need to organize your life and carry all the essentials…in one sleek silhouette.

Shop: Totes

If you got mostly C’s

You're Classic Cathy

You gravitate toward timeless styles – looks that are beautifully cut with clean lines. A minimalist at heart, you tend to shy away from clutter and don’t feel the urge to carry your whole life with you at all times.

Your Go-To Bag: Clutch

A clutch lends instant sophistication to any look. It’s sized just right for stashing the essentials, giving subtle oomph to any outfit.

Shop: Clutches

How did you score? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Maria |

    I scored 2-A.and 2-B, 1-C. I love all sorts of style.

  • Kay R. |

    I had mostly c's which put me as a "Classic Cathy". I would have to agree on that I only carry the essentials and that I like clean lines and classic looks. HMMM looks like you nailed it Burlington. Do you have a crystal ball that none of us know about? Inquiring minds want to know. LOL. Keep up the good work bringing us fabulous fashion and home finds at wonder prices. Thanks again. Kay. R.