What’s Your Panty Personality?

different types of underwear hanging on a clothesline

Briefs. Bikini. Barely there. Are you wearing the right panty for your personality? Take our quiz and find out…just in time for Valentine’s Day!

1. What dessert speaks to your soul?

  1. Hot fudge sundae – always a classic
  2. Chocolate-dipped strawberries
  3. Mexican hot chocolate cookies

2. You’re getting your hair done. You ask your stylist for

  1. The same cut – it looks good, so why change it?
  2. A delicious ombré and softy tousled beach waves
  3. A surprise – new cut, new color, new you

3. How do you settle arguments with your significant other?

  1. Negotiating each point and coming to a fair resolution (followed by make-up sex)
  2. Passionately arguing your points (followed by make-up sex)
  3. Firmly holding your ground (followed by make-up sex)

4. It’s Friday night and you’re most likely

  1. Making your to-do list for the weekend
  2. Snuggling on a couch with your sweetie and watching a movie
  3. Heading to that new bar or restaurant that everyone’s raving about

5. What gets you most excited?

  1. Making your to-do list for the weekend
  2. A weekend getaway with someone special
  3. Travelling the world

If you got mostly A’s


You’ve got a strong practical side and don’t stray from what’s tried and true. If it ain’t broke, why fix it, right? Routine is your friend and you like to make lists – lots of ‘em – even penciling in time for…well, you know. Your perfect panty: briefs. Like you, they’re comfortable and dependable. You’re a hard worker, always looking for what’s next on the career ladder. And this no-fuss, no-nonsense style is just the thing to get you there.

If you got mostly B’s


You love a good laugh…and a good cry (did someone say Ryan Gosling marathon?). A hopeless romantic, you were the one drawing little hearts over your i’s in grade school. And secretly you still do when no one’s looking. Your dream vacation? Walking on the beach at sunset while holding the hand of that someone special. Your panty of choice: bikini. The hint of lace is oh-so alluring and evokes thoughts of all things romance.

If you got mostly C’s


You hold your own in every relationship. You’re a free thinker…and a free spirit, always willing to try what’s new, what’s hot, what’s now. On everyone’s invite list, the party doesn’t start ‘till you walk in. You’re up for anything that gets your heart going. And your panty preference is no different. The thong is your go-to for keeping up with your daring side.

How did you score? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Andella White |

    I picked mostly A's but when i read the scores and C better fit me i love thongs that's that's all I wear.