What to Wear to a Winter Wedding


Summer is behind us and temperatures have significantly dropped—but that doesn’t mean wedding season is over! Winter weddings have a unique and beautiful style all their own. Whether the ceremony and reception take place in a church, country club, banquet hall, winery, or elsewhere, you’ll need a winter wedding outfit that is both stylish, and warm.

Figuring out what to wear for a winter wedding isn’t impossible, thankfully. It just takes a bit of creativity and consideration of a few key points.

Things to Consider

First of all, consider the level of formality of the wedding you’re attending. Is it formal? Semi-formal? Cocktail? Casual? You’ll also want to think about the weather on the day of the wedding. This is definitely a bigger issue for winter weddings compared to summer or spring weddings, as some locations face the real possibility of freezing temperatures or even snow, and you’ll want to be sure to dress appropriately.

3/4 sleeve lace dress

Three-Quarter Sleeve Mesh and Lace Design with Sequin Accents

Think, also, about your own style and body type—are you comfortable in sheath dresses, or do you prefer something less form fitting? Are sequins your style, or do you prefer velvet? Ultimately, the goals for winter wedding attire are warmth, comfort, and style; and there is no shortage of great options for winter wedding wear.

Go For Warm, Practical, and Stylish

Winter weddings offer a plethora of apparel opportunities. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • You can’t go wrong with a classic black dress at a winter wedding, especially if it’s a formal, evening affair. This is a stylish option that lends itself to using any number of different styles and colors of accessories. Long dresses are best for formal affairs, whereas short dresses are better suited for cocktail, semi-formal, or casual events.
  • Don’t rule out unique styles that you wouldn’t dare try other times of the year. ‘Tis the season for velvet: velvet dresses look best when it’s chilly outside. They also have a rich style about them, no matter the form of the dress. Sequins and shimmery dresses also provide a stunning look for winter. Consider a rich color like red or dark green if the wedding is around the holidays.
  • If the day of the wedding brings snow or icy winds, you’ll want to be prepared. The dress you wear doesn’t necessarily have to have sleeves—in fact, choosing a dress without sleeves is the perfect opportunity to break out a faux fur cover or jacket for a warm, cozy, yet chic look.

Handbags & Jewelry

Dresses for winter weddings are often solid colors, leaving you with any number of fun, eye-catching options when it comes to accessories.

pebbled metallic turn lock clutch

Pebbled Metallic Turn Lock Clutch

This is especially true when it comes to handbags. If you choose a dress that’s a solid color—such as black, dark green, or dark blue—you may want to select a handbag or clutch with a bit of color and shimmer to complete your outfit.

Metallic colors and bold prints make a strong statement when they’re used on a small accessory such as a handbag, and a solid color dress will help this accessory stand out even more.

Jewelry is also a consideration when deciding what to wear to a winter wedding. Like handbags, solid color dresses with simple patterns leave a lot of room for creativity when it comes to dressing up the neckline.

With V-neck dresses or dresses with any sort of plunging neckline, consider a bold necklace with large pieces. This neckline shape will draw the attention towards the jewelry, helping to make a bolder statement. Similarly, hoop earrings can instantly add a stylish flair to any dress.

5-piece pentagon necklace and earring set

Pentagon Necklace & Earring Set

Don’t Forget the Footwear

Sandals or heels with an open toe or straps are best left for weddings in the summer or spring months. Instead, consider opting for closed-toe pumps to add formality to long or short dresses. You also could consider boots; calf-height boots often look stunning with short, cocktail dresses. Ankle boots also provide more warmth and protection than sandals, without being overly burdensome.

In case you have to walk a significant distance either for the wedding or reception, it’s wise to either choose a relatively comfortable pair of shoes to wear for the day, or bring a pair of flats. Flats are also much more conducive to dancing than ankle boots or pumps!


Winter weddings may be cold and even snowy, but there’s no reason you have to attend wearing a parka and snow boots. Long or short dresses are both appropriate for winter weddings, and picking a solid color gives you lots of room to choose bold accessories like handbags and jewelry.

Considering what to wear to a winter wedding may be a different challenge than choosing an outfit for a summer or spring wedding, but focusing on warmth, comfort, and style will undoubtedly help you create a practical yet beautiful look.

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