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A fashion & lifestyle blog filled with style, inspiration and DIYs for every part of your life. Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see. Enjoy!


You’ll hear us talk a lot about Style for Everyone. At the most basic level, style is at the center of everything we do. Style is individuality. Inspiration. Self-expression. It’s not just what you put on – it’s how you wear it. How you walk into the room…and the way you decorate it, too.

At Burlington, Style for Everyone is more than a tagline. It’s a way of life. It’s a part of us – and a part of you.

It’s style for you. For every member of your family. For every space. For every occasion. Every budget. And every side of your life.

But Style for Everyone means even more than that. It’s about putting great style in reach for everybody. Because style isn’t just powerful, it’s empowering.

Style for Everyone

And that’s what we’re all about. From fashion to accessories to dining to décor, you’ll discover fantastic style ideas just waiting for your personal stamp. You’ll also find behind-the-scene sneak peeks, easy how-to’s to simplify your life plus fun ways to give back to your community. Think of this as your one-stop destination for amazing styles for your family and home. (And we’ll clue you in to some awesome savings while we’re at it!)

So grab a coffee, come on in, stay a while. And be sure to visit again soon. Because, just like style, we’re always changing – and always new.

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  • pat |

    Looking for maternity tops for my daughter . Most stores were so expensive, but Burlington had a great variety and really inexpensive. Great styles and quality at great prices.. I was able to buy her 7 tops for what 1 or 2 would have cost me at other stores.

  • Andria |

    As an employee, I'm excited to see our company keep up with current trends and the social networking scene yet still keep personal with items that never go out of style or are always a must have staple item for wardrobes. I already love seeing what our team does on Facebook and now I'm excited to see the blog bloom. WTG team!

  • Indira |

    I absolutely love Burlington! It's my all-time favourite store and my one stop shop for just about everything I need; from work wear to church clothing to formal clothing and back again to just casual hanging out clothes, but it keeps me looking put together for any and every situation and/occasion. Not to mention, I can get practically every single thing for my household there as well! Amazing stuff at truly amazing prices. I'd venture to say that it can't get any better than this!!!

  • Doris Scott |

    I love to shop at Burlington. They always have up to date styles and the prices are always right.

  • Katrina Dashiell |

    I love Burlington Styles and I love Burlington's prices and you have so many different sizes and you have styles for the children and the adult honey Burlington ROCKS. Thanks Burlington my family loves you.

  • Natasha Blevins |

    I think that this blog is or was an awesome idea! Looking forward to seeing more of the posts.

  • Brenda |

    I love Burlington for the name brands & the low prices!