Your Ultimate Guide to Makeup Bag Essentials

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Walk into any store and you’re instantly inundated with shelves and shelves of beauty products. From highlighters to kabuki brushes to lip liners , it’s enough to make your head spin.

But what are the essentials every woman should toss in her makeup bag? We rounded up our 6 can’t-live-without beauty items you should own. And they’re all available at Burlington at up to 65% off other retailers’ prices every day.

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1. Makeup Bag

First off, you need a place to put all your essentials. When selecting a bag, consider how you’re going to use it. Do you plan to carry it in your gym bag or handbag for touchups on the go? Then this holographic soft shell may be for you. Are you looking for something more substantial to organize your makeup and tools? Put this hard-case caddy on your list.

These options are as cute as they are functional, and boast tons of space to hold all your makeup products and tools.

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2. The Necessary Extras

All-in-one kits include everything you need to prep your face (and your nails!) for the day. And for extra bold lashes, go faux.

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3. The Right Tools

The right brushes can make all the difference when it comes to makeup application. The must-haves include a foundation brush to create a seamless finish, a powder brush to set your foundation, an angled blush brush to glide along cheekbones and an eyeshadow brush to wash a splash of color over your lids.

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4. Makeup Essentials

In addition to a good foundation and concealer, fill your bag with lash-lengthening mascara and your favorite eyeshadow shades for day and night. Palettes are a great way to get a lot of looks for a lot less. And, of course, don’t forget some lipstick to perfect your pout. These color-changing lipsticks are just the thing for spicing things up.

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5. Luminizer

Longing for a beautiful glow? Look no further. Apply luminizers or highlighters on your face that naturally catch the light, like down the center of your nose or along your browbone and cheekbones.

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6. Makeup Remover

When the day’s done, you must (repeat: you must!) remove your makeup before heading to bed. These cleansing wipes are one of the easiest ways to wash away stubborn makeup and dirt buildup.

Ready to up your makeup bag game? Head over to your Burlington store to find all your beauty essentials for less.

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