6 Top Home Decor Ideas for Less

Variety of room setups

New year. How about a new room? Whether you've moved into a new blank space that needs filling or you’re looking to update your current style, Burlington has plenty of furniture, décor and more at a fraction of the price.music. It’s a little piece of the day carved out just for you.

Finding your style is essential to creating a room that truly reflects you. And we can help. We gathered the 6 top design styles headlining 2018, and how to get ‘em. And every single collection is available at Burlington!

The good news: you don't have to makeover your entire room to get the look you love. Each design has distinguishing elements synonymous with that particular style. Inject a few key pieces to bring the look alive. That means you can create the room of your dreams on any budget!

Ready for a room redo? Let’s go!

Neutral color home decor items with global explorer theme

Global Explorer

Anyone can achieve this well-traveled look…whether your passport has more stamps than you can count or you’re just a jet-setting hopeful.

The overall style should appear “collected” as though you picked up special pieces from places you visited. When arranging your displays, allow elements from different countries to “mingle” – it creates a more exciting visual journey for the eye. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. A fantastic graphic rug could make an incredible backdrop for a couch when hung like a tapestry.

Neutral and wooden home decor items with farmhouse look and feel


Farmhouse draws from natural inspiration and incorporates raw and unfinished elements like wood and stone. Often these rooms include a nod to the outdoors.

To achieve this rustic look, we used beiges and browns as our base colors. Distressed pieces and vintage-inspired décor add instant character. Textured rugs in a neutral palette give a cozy, relaxing vibe. Be sure to add some greenery or flowers – a great way to infuse your space with that outdoorsy feel.

Blue white and neutral home decor items

The Updated Casual

Casual styles are oh-so warm and inviting – great for when entertaining. But this year, casual takes on a new twist with exciting new fabrics such as velvet. Opt for an unexpected hue, like this gorgeous blue, to bring an air of coziness to your home. Plush upholstery (especially tufted) and lighter wood tones warm up the space. Don’t forget to add a great throw and pillows!

Black, ivory and gold home decor items that look sophisticated

Sophisticated Classic

This design is an elegant mix of traditional furniture, artfully selected accessories and tried-and-true hues. Skip the heavy or bulky furniture and opt for more delicate pieces with feminine lines and tapered legs. Neutrals are your friend (and so easy to mix and match!). Take a modern turn by sprinkling in hints of metallic, especially golds, to add to a note of luxury.

Pink glam home decor itmes

Parisian Glam

Often in a Parisian home, one color or fabric is repeated throughout the space. Rooms are usually filled with rich details, dramatic window treatments and antique or heirloom furniture. But that’s not all. The French also like to add an unexpected element or two when decorating to bring in a sense of whimsy.

So that’s exactly what we did, too. This faux fur desk chair is totally fun and creates a luxe look – perfect for working or relaxing. Plus, the pops of pink and splashes of sparkle give an undeniably oh-la-la feel.

Dark wood ecelctic home decor items


This catchall style borrows from multiple design sensibilities to evoke a strong sense of imagination and surprise. Don’t be mistaken – this isn’t an “anything goes” way of decorating. Typically, it’s grounded by a common element (such as color, pattern, texture, etc.) to bring balance and continuity to the overall theme. Each piece is purposefully selected to create an interesting display that works beautifully together.

We chose neutrals as our foundation. Why? Because it’s easy to find pieces that will perfectly coordinate color-wise. Then the fun begins – we mixed various finishes and textures within this palette to create a wonderfully cohesive story.

Which look is your favorite? No matter your decorating style, Burlington is packed with endless looks to make your dream room a reality – at up to 65% off other retailers’ prices every day. Head over to your Burlington store today!

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