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Teachers and students getting donated product from AdoptAClassroom.org

Did you know that K-12 teachers spend $600 a year of their own money on classroom supplies, with nearly 20 percent of teachers spending more than $1,000 annually?? These statistics are staggering and we are hoping that through our new and exciting partnership with AdoptAClassroom.org this Back-to-School season, that we will be able to continue making a difference.

AdoptAClassroom.org provides funding for K-12 teachers so that they can purchase the classroom materials they need for their students to learn and succeed. Thanks to the organization, more than 4 Million students in all 50 states have already been impacted by their amazing work. Check out how they have made a difference for these grateful teachers and their students.

Female teacher holding trophy

“Receiving the supplies we need this year would mean our classroom will be a safe, clean, colorful and productive environment where they have the tools they need to be their best selves and do their best work.”

-Jessica Liguez, Teacher, Miami, FL

Female teacher outside baseball field

“If my students received the supplies they need, it would mean that I would be able to concentrate on teaching instead of worrying about whether or not I have the supplies to carry out meaningful, and engaging lessons.”

- Jana Cole, Teacher, Pasadena, CA

Female teacher at desk

“Feeling like I don’t have enough time or resources to do everything that I want to do is probably the hardest part about teaching. More resources mean more opportunity for my students.”

- Becca Hanson, Teacher, Minneapolis, MN


“Once we reached our goal, we started ordering, and then the materials started showing up in the mail. I told them that ‘this is our community supporting us.’”

- Lance Madzey, Teacher, Casper, WY

Get Involved!

You can help support teachers and students from now until August 19, 2017 by visiting your local Burlington store and donating $1 or more to benefit AdoptAClassroom.org at checkout. Funds raised will benefit teachers and their students in Burlington store communities nationwide.

Click here to learn more!

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  • Olga Mireles |

    Thank you to all who contribute to this important cause as teachers are so important and they help mold the working class of the future. It is difficult as it is to continue to keep veteran teachers in this field because of the difficulty in doing this job. So much goes into it and many have no idea that it is a completely different world from the other careers. Unless you have walked in teacher shoes you will never really know. So please do contribute what you can to help teachers. I am uncertain as to how the supplies or funds are distributed but be assured that they will be well used and appreciated. Keep all educators in your daily prayers as to be a teacher, is to be a hero. I know this because I myself am an educator of 17+ years. :)

  • Marnie |

    I love Adopt a classroom, this organization is the best. It is such a relief knowing we (teachers) do not have to spend all kinds of money on our class and we can get down to business in teaching and not worrying if all kids have supplies they need for the day