Q&A with a Burlington Dress Buyer: Midi and Maxi Dresses

Let’s talk dresses! From casual to formal, flowy to form-fitting, long to short, nothing beats a dress when you want an easy, throw-it-on-and-go style that’s always perfectly polished. With so many styles to choose from, we wanted to take a moment to highlight two styles of dresses that are both trendy and timeless: the midi and maxi dress.

We did a quick tip Q&A with Burlington’s Assistant Dress Buyer, Kailie S., to get the scoop on midi and maxi dresses – What’s the difference between the two? What is the best way to wear and accessorize each one? What are the seasonal trends she is seeing and more!

Q. What is the difference between a midi and maxi dress?

A. It all comes down to the length and, as you can see, and the name of each dress reflects just that. A midi hits anywhere from below the knee to the lower calf whereas a maxi is full length and hits the ankles or floor.

Q. How would you style a midi?

A. We’ve been seeing a lot of midis styled with a belt to break up the dress and accentuate the waist. They also look great with a jacket or blazer thrown over them.

Q. How would you style a maxi?

A. Maxis can be styled similarly to midis, belted or with a jacket. Maxis tend to be more casual/ boho so we’ve been seeing them styled with a denim jacket or fedora too.

Q. What accessories work best for a midi or maxi dress?

A. It really depends on the style of the midi [or] maxi, but as mentioned before, belts, a variety of jackets and hats work great. Fun earrings and other jewelry can also look great with these types of dresses.

Q. What shoes would you wear with a midi or maxi dress?

A. Again [it] depends on the style, but midis can be styled with boots, sandals, or sneakers depending on the desired look and the fit of the dress (full skirt vs. bodycon). A maxi is usually styled with sandals or heels/wedges, but can also be styled with sneakers or boots.

It really depends on the fabrication of the dress, fullness of the skirt, and where the shoes/hem hit. So if the fabric is more structured or fitted, she can wear heels and accessorize it for a cocktail event. If the fabrication is looser and has more of a casual feel she can add boots or sneakers.

Q. How can you wear a maxi or midi dress during the fall or winter?

A. I think adding boots and/or tights is a great way to style a maxi or midi [during colder seasons]. Throwing a sweater over a maxi to give it more of a skirt-look [also] works. Also, throwing on a denim or leather jacket helps. I’ve even see maxis/midis styled over turtle necks... and when styling [midi and maxis] for fall [and] winter, make sure the prints aren’t too bright or summery.

Q. What are top trends that you’ve seen for maxi and midi dresses?

A. Florals are still strong for maxis/midis. We’re also seeing a lot of animal and status prints. Belting the dress is a big trend. Also mixing casual and professional [elements] - so the mixing of boots or sneakers with a nicer dress [for example]. Career tends to be a strong trend for us so any of the structured midi dresses, especially with a fuller structured skirt have been [a] strong [trend].

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