Premiering September 15th: Live! @ Burlington

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Looking for even more great style? Then tune into Live! @ Burlington on Facebook each week. Our season launches September 15th and we have tons of new fun, fashion and surprises in store for you.

Our fall lineup is packed with 7 different shows:

  • What’s Hot in Stores- Your first peek at the newest, hottest arrivals hitting stores now
  • Questions on the Couch- Interviews with our style experts so you’re always a step ahead
  • At Home with Burlington- The freshest picks in décor, dining and more…and how to make the look totally you
  • How to Wear It- You love the trend, now see how to style it
  • Necessary Extras- All accessories all the time
  • Beauty Babble - The very best in beauty…and how to achieve the look
  • Style Showdown- They accepted our style challenge…but can they deliver?

Which show will be your favorite? Be sure to tune in!

Like us on Facebook and tune in live on most Fridays at 10 a.m. eastern to get your style on. Miss a show? No worries – visit our Facebook page to catch up on the shows you want to watch.

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  • Kay R. |

    This sounds like a cool, unique approach to letting the customers know what new products you have available for fall. Letting customers see what's available and then getting tips on how to style those products is always a very good idea. I am glad to see you are incorporating fashion, home and beauty products because as I have discovered they are inter-related. I will admit to being obsessed with beauty/fashion and interior design/architecture. My drawback I see what about those of us who do not have a face book account or use social media platforms? All companies now seem to be geared to focus on social media platforms but you are failing to recognize that not everyone uses these social media platforms so therefore you are not allowing some of your customers to participate in your events like this, in sweepstakes and basically you are omitting these customers from your focus. I ask you this-just because a customer does not use social media does that mean they should not have access to all the same events/sweeps as someone who does use social media? I just thought I would bring this to your attention maybe it has not crossed your mind that you are inadvertently omitting some of your customers from your events and sweeps who do not use social media. Much love to your store and your fashion. Fashion rocks-its NYFW Yeah!