Paw Patrol Merchandise Gift Guide

paw patrol merchandise

Paw Patrol is a Canadian animated series that went live in 2013 and over the last 4 seasons has captivated the imagination of children across the world.

Ryder and his team of special pups – Marshall, Chase, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma and Skye – all come equipped with gadgets, that help them take on any challenge and situation. Their adventures often lead them into helping those in peril while reinforcing good values and qualities such as friendship, courage, honesty, compassion, and bravery.

That is why Burlington has curated an exciting range of Paw Patrol clothing and products that are the perfect gift for your tiny-tots who are bound to appreciate and enjoy even more lively interaction with their favorite characters. But make sure you act fast because these great finds might not last long online or in stores as we get new inventory every week.

Paw Patrol Clothing

paw patrol peruvian hat and mittens set

Paw Patrol Peruvian Hat & Mittens Set

Sparkling, vibrant, and animated, our clothing options are both comfortable and practical, available in a multitude of colors, and featuring the “pups at play”.

What better than to tuck in your little nipper at night in cozy pajamas or sleepwear, like the Hooded Blanket Sleeper.

Burlington even lets your child make the right style statement with Paw Patrol clothes, such as an ultra-cute graphic sweater or button down shirt.

Burlington provides clothing for all seasons, from fashionable rain and snow boots to a variety of watches that are the perfect accessory to keep the kids looking and feeling confident in relaxed and easy clothing.

Baby & Toddler

Paw Patrol has identified the most with the really young who are attracted to it because of the colorful imagery and charming sounds. Our Paw Patrol range features the cutest cuddle worthy designer outfits for babies and toddlers.

paw patrol marshall booster seat

Paw Patrol Marshall Booster Seat

For that extra bit of amusement and to make your toddler or baby feel like they are part of the show, the Marshall Booster Seat can make any drive comfortable, secure, and a whole lot of fun. We have a bunch of Paw Patrol baby gear, such as a Paw Patrol potty seat that makes training imaginative and comical for everyone involved.

Paw Patrol Furniture and Toys

Paw Patrol is all about bonding and working as a team. The joy of playing together and sharing memories and experiences can be a tremendous learning opportunity for all children.

The Paw Patrol table and chair options when mixed with items like activity sets and puzzle mats make an excellent opportunity for friends to get together and re-live some of the Puppy escapades they have witnessed in the cartoons.

The ultimate gift is for the next Spielberg who could very well be in your home right now. The kids are certain to relish sitting on the Paw Patrol Folding Director’s Chair during activities in the garden, while eating a meal, or simply when watching their favorite cartoon on TV.

paw patrol toddler bed

Paw Patrol Toddler Bed

Paw Patrol Accessories

Children these days love to be associated with characters they adore and Burlington’s collection of amazing back-to-school items add that extra bit of spring in their steps; stationery sets, sipper cups, lunch bags, or the Paw Patrol Character Luggage are wonderful gift items that kids not only get to use and play with, but they give a sense of individuality, uniqueness, and responsibility to them as well.

Paw Patrol is the complete amalgamation of values, education and pure entertainment. Kids often have their own personal beloved characters, which is why Burlington has numerous options that take care of every need, all the while keeping in mind that the gifts are competitively priced, durable, popular, and of course will brighten the lives of the little ones in a very playful and interactive manner.


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