Take the Mother’s Day Gift Guide Quiz

Mother's Day Quiz with flowers

Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away. Need some inspo on what to get her? No worries. Take this quiz to find the perfect gift for every kind of mom.

1. Your mom’s hairstyle is

  1. Ever changing – she likes to switch it up with what’s new and now
  2. Wash and wear – she doesn’t have time to fuss over hair
  3. A comfortable bob – it’s tried and true

2. When it comes to technology, your mom

  1. Is up on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat – heck, she has more followers than you!
  2. Texts with one finger
  3. Has email but that’s it. Facebook? What’s Facebook?

3. Your mom’s favorite dessert is

  1. Healthy fruit salad
  2. An ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie (that she baked, of course!)
  3. Warm cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream

4. In her spare time, your mom would try out a new

  1. Trendy exercise class
  2. Recipe
  3. Author

5. Your mom gives the best

  1. Style tips
  2. Hugs
  3. Advice

If you got mostly A’s

Your Mom Is Trendy

You have the cool mom that all your friends want to hang out with. She’s up on all the latest gossip, movies…and fashions.

The Perfect Gift: A Hot Handbag or Fragrance

Personal style is oh-so important to your mom, so give her a gift that speaks to it. A great handbag with fresh details or in a glam metallic is just the thing to pull together her look. Or opt for a new fragrance from her favorite brand name.

Handbags, clutches, and perfume

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If you got mostly B’s

Your Mom Is Sentimental

Your mom still gets weepy looking at photos from your first dance recital. And that artwork you created in grade school? She has those, too. Your mom is always there for you whether you need a good hug or a shoulder to lean on.

The Perfect Gift: Jewelry or Jewelry Box

For a gift that appeals to her sentimental side, go for boxed jewelry. We have every style from classic to contemporary (check out our “Mom” pendants). Wanna take your gift to the next level? Place jewelry inside a gorgeous jewelry box – it’s like two gifts in one!

Boxed jewelry and jewelry boxes

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If you got mostly C’s

Your Mom Is Pampering

Your mom likes to cozy up. A new book, cup of tea and comfy throw – that sounds like her idea of a perfect day.

The Perfect Gift: A Bath & Body Set or Sleepwear

For your mom, opt for a gift that brings a sense of comfort. A bath & body set in her favorite scent is sure to give her the pampering she needs and loves. Or how about a super comfy (and super cute!) pajama set for those leisurely mornings when she gets too caught up reading that bestseller?

Cat pjs and bath and body things

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How did your mom score? Tell us in the comments.

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