Money-Saving Pack Hacks for Traveling

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Summer vacays. There’s nothing like ‘em.

But what’s not fun? Paying luggage fees at the airport.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you. Watch our video to see how to pack efficiently to reduce or avoid luggage fees.

Let’s get packing!

Plan It Out

First, lay out all the essential items you need packed. Put together full outfits. For longer trips, try to keep to one color scheme so everything can be mixed and matched in a snap. Also, think about what amenities are offered where you’re staying. Nowadays, many hotels provide hair dryers, beach towels and other basic toiletries that you no longer need to pack.

Pick Your Luggage

Choose a piece of luggage that is one size smaller than you think you need. Go for lightweight, durable fabric that can stand up to travel. Expandable zippers are great for creating instant space. We recommend keeping them compressed until you reach your destination (in case you want to pick up some souvenirs!).

Start Packing

Start with your shoes. Pack small items inside like socks, jewelry and ties. Place shoes in the corner of your bag. To optimize space, make sure the laces are facing each other and heels are in opposite directions.

Next pack nonclothing items like cameras, brushes, goggles – anything you won’t need while traveling. Fill small spaces in your bag with these items. A packing cube is a great way to secure and organize.

Now it’s time for the clothes. Place pants inside with the legs hanging over the edge of the bag. Alternate direction with the next pair. Layer dresses and skirts perpendicular to the pants. Continue alternating tops across in the same direction as the skirts and dresses. Finally, layer jackets on top. Fold in all items starting at the shirttails, alternating until everything is folded.

That’s it! Packing efficiently could help you lower – or skip! – those luggage fees at the airport. Need some new luggage? Shop at your Burlington store or online to find brand-name luggage in all sizes and the newest styles…at up to 65% off other retailers’ prices every day.

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