Minnie Mouse Gift Guide

Minnie Mouse car seat, diaper bag, and bodysuits

Minnie Mouse (originally known as Minerva Mouse) first came into our lives as a society way back in 1928. Since then, people, the world over have been enjoying her character and her style. If you have someone in your life who just adores Minnie, Burlington’s got you covered at prices you’ll appreciate. Check out our ultimate Minnie Mouse Gift Guide.


A 3 piece pack of baby girl onesies or bodysuits with Minnie Mouse patterning in the colors red, white and black.)

Children adore brightly colored clothes featuring their favorite cartoon characters. As adults, we like to buy children's clothes that are competitively priced, durable and practical. Keeping this in mind, Minnie Mouse clothing sets are a 'must' for all younger fans. The Minnie Mouse bodysuit is a fun and pretty way to ensure your little ones are fully covered up and ready to face a fun day. There are also various outfit sets, pajamas and t-shirts available that will ensure your kids are looking great no matter the occasion! Little ones just love sleeping in their Minnie pajamas, especially when they have a cuddly mouse to snuggle up with.

No matter your child's age, there are so many choices available. From newborn baby outfits to leggings and sweatshirts for older kids, we’ve got you covered at our everyday low prices.


A Minnie Mouse tote diaper bag with a case for baby wipes in the colors red and black.

Life can be hectic when you have a baby in tow. Just traveling from A to B can take hours of planning and lots of equipment too. The range of Minnie Mouse strollers, car seats, diaper bags, and accessories available will help you get the most out of traveling while looking stylish. Additionally, everything we stock for babies is practical and durable.

For example, the Minnie Mouse Tote Diaper Bag is a perfect addition to any infant's travel kit. It's incredibly spacious and includes a case to store your baby wipes, as well as a changing pad so you can take care of baby anywhere you go.

The Disey Amble Quad Travel System in the Garden Delight Minnie pattern, which comes with an infant car seat.

It's also crucial that you have a good quality stroller to help baby see the world. Buying for babies can be expensive, so why not choose the Disney Amble Quad Travel System in the Garden Delight Minnie pattern. This duo includes a lightweight infant car seat that holds a child weighing between 4 to 22 lbs. They also boast a great-fitting harness that's perfect for preemies too. In addition, there's plenty of storage so you can carry along everything both you and baby need.


A 5 piece Minnie Mouse themed bedroom furniature set featuring a table, 2 chairs, storage unit, and bed in the colors pink, white and purple.

Wondering what to buy for the Minnie fanatic in your life that has all things mouse-related? Why not take a look at our range of tables, chairs and sets for inspiration? Kids love having their own furniture and accessories. It's important to them to stamp their own identity on their space. It makes them feel like individuals with their own place at home.

If you're wondering how to make your child's room look amazingly unique, how about the Minnie Mouse 5 Piece Room In A Box? With this, you can completely transform a room into a fun and colorful Minnie Mouse house! Now, who wouldn't love that?! You can even throw in a Minnie activity set so they enjoy hours of playtime fun in their themed room.

Wondering about those blank walls? Don't. We have a nice selection of Minnie Mouse wall art to choose from. A glitter canvas or a Mickey and Minnie art piece can effectively tie a room together. It's often those little finishing touches that make all the difference between a good-looking living space and a great one.

If you're thinking of buying some Minnie Mouse-related gifts, there are so many imaginative and eye-catching products available at Burlington. From newborns to bigger kids, we’re sure to offer the perfect gift solution.

Shop Minnie Mouse and other adorable characters at Burlington’s Character Shop, or find a location near you.

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