Kelly Rowland Takes a Stand Against Heart Disease in Women

Kelly Rowland and CEO of Women Heart

Burlington recently caught up with Grammy award-winning artist Kelly Rowland at our Union Square, NY store for a very special WomenHeart health event. Here's what she had to say about following your heart – and taking care of it!

How has heart disease touched your life?

Heart disease is an issue close to my heart because I lost my mother to heart disease 2 years ago. My mother’s passing was a wake-up call to my loved ones and myself. It encouraged me to visit my doctor and make sure I was aware of what’s going on with my body. It also pushed me to stay up to date with my heart screenings and learn what it means to live a heart healthy lifestyle.

What steps have you taken for you and your family to live a healthy lifestyle?

In order to live a healthier lifestyle, I’ve changed my eating habits, I continue to focus on the importance of fitness and I also make sure I take time out to relax and enjoy my family.

Why is it important for you to join our #KnockOutHeartDisease campaign?

Heart disease certainly touched my mother and our family, but it really touches all women. As the leading cause of death in women, it is so important for all of us to take charge of our heart health – know the signs of heart disease, understand the risk factors and be sure to get our heart health screening to know our numbers for BMI, blood pressure and cholesterol. And most importantly, be sure to meet with our health care provider to ensure we are taking charge and living heart healthy.

Kelly Rowland getting a heart health screening

I’m passionate about this cause and this campaign, because it elevates the conversation around the importance of women’s heart health. I’m dedicated to bringing awareness to the disease by supporting WomenHeart, to provide funding for much needed education and programs for women living with or at risk of heart disease.

It also encourages women to take charge of their heart health and provides free heart health screenings at Burlington store locations nationwide. And when you get your heart health screened, be sure to spread the word to your friends and loved ones by using #KnockOutHeartDisease and Burlington will donate $5, up to $25,000, to WomenHeart for each use of the hashtag.

What is the 1 thing that you want women to know about heart disease?

I actually have 2 things I want people to walk away with:

  1. Get your heart health screened
  2. Be sure to donate to support WomenHeart at any Burlington!

Where do you suggest women get information about heart disease and support for women with heart disease?

The most important thing to know is you aren’t alone, and there’s help out there. WomenHeart is not only a great resource to learn about women’s heart disease, it’s a place to find the support you need – kind of a “one stop shopping” for your heart health!

You can learn about warning signs and risks, find locations for heart health support groups in your area and you can even connect with women who are heart disease survivors and have “walked the walk” when it comes to firsthand experience with heart disease. Visit to find all the information and support you or a loved one might need.

Kelly Rowland and Mary from WomenHeart doing an interview

What else are you currently working on?

2017 is going to be a crazy busy year for me! My lifetime movie “Love By The 10th Date” just premiered on Saturday, January 28th. I’m releasing my first book Whoa, Baby!: A Guide for New Moms Who Feel Overwhelmed and Freaked Out (And Wonder What the #*@& Just Happened) and it’s set to hit bookshelves on Tuesday, April 11th.

I’m also working on a new makeup line titled F.A.C.E (For All Created Equal). And last but certainty not least; I’m working on my new album! I’m not going to give too much away but I’m really excited for my fans to hear the new music.

At Burlington, we are all about personal style and making it achievable at our everyday low prices. Can you share with us what your personal style is?

My personal style is: I do what I want! There are no rules!

Kelly Rowland making a heart shape with her hands

Join us to #KnockOutHeartDisease, the leading cause of death in women. It's simple!

  1. Donate to support WomenHeart at any Burlington.
  2. Get a free heart health screening at select Burlington locations on February 3rd, National Wear Red Day, and on March 24th. Visit here to find a store near you.
  3. When you get your heart health checked, tag two friends with #KnockOutHeartDisease and Burlington will donate $5, up to $25,000, to support WomenHeart

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  • Gaye Foster |

    This is an amazing and wonderful thing you are doing! I am 46, in heart failure, and on my 9th pacemaker. I had 3 thoracic surgeries in the last 2 months. It's been rough!
    I'm a huge supporter of Go Red for Women, and now I have another organization that I will support.
    Each year I have always gone to Burlington Coat Factory to purchase my red dress for my Utah Go Red for Women Luncheon. I have always found the most beautiful dresses.
    Thank you again for all you do!
    My style is - I'm brave and stronger than heart failure! My scars do not define me, they mean I am a survivor!!!