How to Wear Sneakers without Looking Sloppy

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Wearing sneakers as every day wear has become more and more popular over time. It is not unusual to see anyone from your typical person out running errands to professionals dressed in sneakers.

However, not every look works well with this trend. Here are some tips to help dress up your sneakers so that they are wearable even at your more formal events.

Woman velvet printed skirt with maroon sweater, black sneakers, and pink velvet baseball hat

Sneakers in a neutral color like black, gray, or brown can help unify an outfit.

Keep it Neutral

Neutrals work well when one is trying to unify everything together. Choosing to wear sneakers that are a neutral color like black, gray or brown makes your sneakers blend in with the rest of your outfit.

This look will allow you to get away with wearing sneakers in a formal outfit because others simply might not notice them. Wearing neutral colored sneakers as part of a formal outfit is one way that you can play it safe.

A sneaker with a classic look like Vans  or Converse would work because they are not too flashy and can come in basic colors.

Head to Ankles to the Nines

On the other hand, one way to offset the casual feel of sneakers is to be very well dressed everywhere else. It is not unusual for men and women to wear one accessory or clothing item that clashes with the rest of their outfit.

Accent or statement pieces help bring individuality to our clothing. Making your sneakers your statement piece lets others know that you are bringing your own unique style to an otherwise traditional look.

Woman wearing pleated skirt and sparkle sweater with white sneakers

You can fit sneakers into your look, while still looking put together.

Go Business Casual

Opting to go business casual is another way to fit sneakers into your look while still appearing put together. The concept of the business casual look is well known to the world so it would not be odd to see it. You can choose to go for items that fall between being professional and dressed down.

Another option is to mix and match formal looking clothing with more everyday pieces. Accessories can also play a large role is dressing up an outfit, so do not forget to accessorize!

Embrace the Variety

Instead of letting your sneakers fly under the radar, you can instead choose to highlight them. Eccentric ties are common in the business world for those with a bold sense of fashion. However, these quirky ties often do not have a unique counterpart in the outfit. Most dress shoes are your typical neutral colors.

Match your distinct sneakers with a distinct tie. This tip provides a way to celebrate your individuality that also works your sneakers into your look. Running sneakers work great for this because they often come in many unique colors and styles.

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