How Burlington Delivers the Best Looks & Prices

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We all know that Burlington carries the hottest stop-n-stare styles from all the brand names you love…at a fraction of the price. But exactly how do we do it? Shoe Buyer, Gabrielle, gives a peek into how Burlington offers the season’s need-now looks at seriously amazing savings each and every day.

What do you do here at Burlington?

I'm a buyer for ladies’ athletic shoes. I buy for all Burlington stores as well as our e-commerce site. Let’s just say – it's a lot of shoes!

How did you get into buying? Why did you choose Burlington?

I studied fashion merchandising and marketing in college. Throughout college, I interned at Yves Saint Laurent as well as Burlington. Honestly, I fell in love with Burlington. The company’s business model and growth strategy are really fantastic – there’s so much opportunity. Right after my internship ended, I was offered a full-time position as an assistant buyer at Burlington. From there, I was promoted to associate buyer and then buyer. And the rest is history!

How is Burlington able to have such low prices?

Just like our customers who are on the hunt for the very best looks and deals, Burlington buyers are on the hunt, too. We’re always on the lookout for ways to bring customers the latest and greatest at exceptional savings. How do we do it? Department stores may order too much of a certain item or their business strategy may simply change. And Burlington buyers are right there waiting, ready to scoop up those runway looks and bring them to our customers for way less.

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How do you choose what items to sell at Burlington?

A lot goes into figuring out what items to carry. We watch the trends. We watch the runways. And most of all, we listen to our customers. Our customers tell us what’s on their radar through their purchase decisions. Then our buyers work hard to anticipate their needs and wants…and bringing those items to our stores and website. For example, athleisure has been super hot, especially in footwear. So we’ve been on the hunt for cool athleisure looks in metallics and interesting accents and details. Insider tip: be on the lookout for athleisure in blush or pink – these colors are so in for spring!

How do you determine what the customer price will be for items you buy?

There are so many things to consider when it comes to pricing and it's always changing, which makes the job fun. Brand, quality and style all play a big role in pricing. We also research the market to see where the product is being sold and at what prices. Then we negotiate to bring customers the best prices possible.

At Burlington, we say "Style for Everyone" is that true?

Definitely – Burlington really does have something for everyone (and for every budget!). We’re so much more than coats. Clothing, handbags, home décor, kitchen – and that’s just the beginning. There’s a ton here for the whole family. Often customers walk out with carts full of stuff that they didn't expect to find here.

What brands are at Burlington?

We sell name brands that you’d see in department stores, but for a lot less. We can’t even name a lot of them online, so it’s worth coming into a store to see for yourself!

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Sometimes customers can walk into a Burlington store and see completely different styles than what were there a few weeks ago. Or they may walk into different Burlington stores and see a totally different selection. What’s this all about?

Well, we call it a treasure hunt for a reason. We’re always working to bring hundreds of new items to our stores and our website all the time. Each visit can be a whole different experience…with brand-new products to discover and love. The products can vary from store to store because of how we distribute and buy. That means you should visit more than one Burlington to find the best looks and prices!

If you could tell anyone anything about Burlington, what would it be?

Ah, that's tough! From a shopping point of a view – we have EVERYTHING! We were once a destination for coats and now we have evolved into so much more. I can easily walk out of our stores with trail mix, headphones, clothes, candles, towels and a handbag. From a career standpoint, every day is a new day here at the office. We're really growing and adding new stores every year, which brings so much opportunity.

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  • Sue DeiTos |

    So proud of you Gabrielle.... great job!!!

  • Melody sepe |

    I love working and shopping @ store #976. Very interesting article. Thank you

  • Esther |

    I love Burlington good quality and good price!!!

  • Chizzy |

    Burlington brings "light to the world of fashion" which continuously have me going back to the website. I believe the company should reach out to other countries and form stores especially in the Caribbean eg. Jamaica and other tropical countries.
    Keep up the good work Burlington, my favorite shopping e-commerce website!
    Gabrielle, keep up the good work and continue to help make Burlington the best place to shop. Cheers!