Extreme Makeover Cubicle Edition

Very messy cubicle at work

If you’re like much of the world, you spend roughly 40 hours a week planted in a cubicle. And chances are it’s not a very pretty or inviting spot to return to each Monday. That changes now. It’s time to think ‘inside the box’ and reinvent your personal workspace into something truly wonderful.

We searched our corporate office and rounded up 3 cubicles in need of some serious intervention. Each cube “offender” has been transformed into a stylish space using décor and storage found right here at Burlington at a fraction of the price.

So get ready…and let’s cure those cube blues!


Before image of messy desk with papers stacked on it

At times we’re all guilty of it: mountains of manila file folders piled sky high. But before you place yet another folder on your desk, stop and ask yourself, “Does it really deserve a place here?”

Real estate on a desk is at a premium and only active folders should merit that place of honor. We demoted older projects to the large file cabinet below. Then we repurposed some glam magazine organizers to keep current projects in reach (how cute are those polka dots!).

After image of organzied desk with pretty folders and organziers

This project manager is totally girly. So we went fun, flirty, feminine with pinks, florals and a splash of gold metallic for the day planner, penholder and folders. Speaking of folders, don’t settle for the standard “vanilla” variety. Go bold with a bright fuchsia and a sassy saying to show off your inner diva.

No desk is complete without a framed holiday photo of the puppies (say hi to Bear, Pumpkin and Baldwin!) and some thoughtfully placed art. We secured ours with magnets so no marks are left on shelving when removed. And for chilly days – or when the A/C is cranked too high – add a chic throw in a cool graphic print.


Before image of desk that does not have a lot of papers in it

You see him in meetings and the lunch line. But swing by his desk and POOF! It’s like he’s not there. With the exception of a few scattered papers and pens, his desk is void of any personality.

After image of desk more decorated and organized

This creative director’s style is clean and classic. To play into this, we decked out his desk with a miniature globe (he loves to travel), an oversized clock (he’s usually running late) and some greenery (he’s a big plant lover). All artfully displayed on the open shelving. When decorating, remember the rule of threes. Very simply: odd-numbered arrangements are visually more appealing and memorable than even-numbered groupings.

A handsome wooden frame is just the thing for showcasing his kids’ art. Plus, it provides an easy way to swap out artwork as new masterpieces are created each year. And, finally, a stylish tray keeps everything just fingertips away, serving as the perfect catchall for eyeglasses, paperclips and more.


Before image of messy desk with papers everywhere

This cubicle has the opposite problem from above – it’s TOO lived-in. Our copywriter writes and edits everything for the company. That means she’s heavily invested in paper and print-outs. So much so that her desk looks like a total whirlwind.

After image of desk being organzied with cute accessories

Easy fix. After finding a spot for her jelly in the community fridge, we worked to clear the clutter. Older projects are filed away. Instead of an old coffee cup filled with pens, we gave her something a little bit chicer to hold all her writing utensils.

Skip the typical all-black office organizers and have some fun with your color choices. We took a hue cue from her water bottle and went with too-cute storage in a cool turquoise. Got a bunch of binders? Oversized bins are a great way to store ‘em all in style.

And for a little unexpected fun, we added a blinged-out elephant and some realistic-looking greenery (she never has to water!).

So which cube look speaks to you? Get creative in your makeover so your workspace stands out from the cubicle crowd. At Burlington, we have tons of budget-friendly storage, organization and home décor to turn your ideas into reality.

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