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Man and woman wearing jackets and woman wearing a pinch

It’s winter. Days are shorter. Temperatures are colder. And you want to stay warm without sacrificing style. So, why not layer? But wait – before you begin, did you know that there is an art to layering? Done right, you’ll get a chic look that’s on trend and never, ever makes you look like an overstuffed snowman (or woman!) with a lot of extra bulk.

Let us guide you through the art of layering. Read on for a few tips and tricks we have for doing it up right this season on a budget!


First, if you’re looking for a totally sleek look, go tonal. Combine colors that work well together or wear one head-to-toe shade. Mix gray with black or put together varying hues of blue. Tonal dressing creates a leaner-looking silhouette and plays down the fact that you actually have three or four pieces of clothing on at one time. Hint: if you go with a one-color look, like winter white, mix different textures into your outfit to create interest!

Girl wearing gray and blue poncho with leggings and black booties

Man and Women wearing lightweight jackets over thier sweaters


Second rule of thumb: pair a lighter weight jacket (like faux leather, canvas or denim) with a sweater and layer a print or plaid shirt underneath. If you want to take it one step warmer, you can also wear a lightweight tee under the shirt. Again, this approach keeps you warm and looking great, but also allows you to de-layer as you move from outside to inside. Hint: don’t be afraid to pair two jackets together like a denim jacket under a leather bomber!


Two styles we love to layer with in the winter are vests or sweaters and scarves. Think of them as the “cheats” of layering that can be topped over almost anything. Scarves can be worn with sweaters, tees or even over your coat. The right scarf lends a pop of color to your outfit and an extra barrier to shield you from the wind and cold. Vests or sleeveless styles also layer over practically any look and bring both warmth and personality to your outfit. Hint: both are a win-win in our book!

Girl wearing chunky black and white sweater with distressed jeans, booties, and a cozy scarf

Man wearing plaid shirt under orange sweater with vest jeans and boots


That means wear your lightest layer next to your skin and work your way out to your heaviest, bulkiest layer – like a vest. This light-to-heavy strategy makes it easy when you transition from outside to inside and need to shed a garment or two to adjust to the temperature. Hint: make sure each layer works on its own, as well as together, so you’ll always look sensational no matter how much you add or take off!

This season, don’t fear layers. Make ‘em your friend with our tips and tricks to doing layers right.

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