Don’t Start 2017 Without Doing One of These First

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January 1st. Is there any date that’s more magical? More empowering? It’s the day you start anew. Hit refresh…andbegin again.

With gusto you proudly proclaim your new year’s resolutions: I’m going to drop 50 pounds. Travel to 15 countries. Learn to speak fluent Japanese. Master the ancient art of calligraphy.

And you mean to. You really do.

But then life happens. Late hours at work. Your kid’s science project. The dog has to go to the vet. Again. Suddenly it’s goodbye resolutions…and maybe I’ll try again next year.

But it doesn’t have to be. The trick to a successful new year’s resolution is simplifying and picking a “doable” resolution. One that’s manageable – even easily accomplishable when life gets crazy. Most resolutions are too grand to be achievable. Who said you had to go for the whole enchilada all in shot, anyhow? Instead, break up your end goal into smaller “steps” that are more attainable in your day to day.

Ready to get down to business? Here are 9 super simple resolution ideas that you can totally keep to make 2017 your best year yet.


Visit Someplace You’ve Never Been

Travel tops many people’s resolution list. But once you figure in costs for transportation, hotel and food, this goal can really add up fast. And then you don’t go anywhere. But you can change that. Set your sights on someplace within reach. Have you been meaning to check out that restaurant you always pass on your way to work? Or how about that park you’ve been wanting to stop by but just haven’t had the opportunity? There are tons of fun surprises waiting right in your own neighborhood for you to discover.

Listen More

These days we don’t speak any more, but we’re “talking” more than ever. We can thank social media for that. Because of the Facebooks and Twitters of the world, people are so busy posting and snapping pics of their own life that they may miss out on what’s happening around them. Take a step back and take it all in. And just listen. By talking less and listening more, you’ll deepen your connection with friends and family.

Teach Yourself Something You Never Learned as a Kid

Tap into your inner kid and learn something you never had the chance to when you were younger. Don’t know how to ride a bike? A skateboard? Grab some wheels and get rolling. Always wanted to yo-yo? Just go for it. Don’t know how to swim? Sign up for lessons at your local YMCA. After all, age is only a number.


Step It Up

10,000 steps a day. According to health experts, that’s the magic number for trimming fat and keeping yourself healthy. Wear a pedometer or fitness tracker to monitor steps. Squeeze in more steps by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking a block or two farther from work and fast-walking a few laps around the mall. Does 10,000 steps sound daunting? Start smaller, say 2,000 steps a day. Once you hit that, add another 1,000 – and just keep on walking.

Do the Swap

Want to eat healthier? Sometimes it’s easier to make small changes rather than doing a complete overhaul. Try this: each month, replace one unhealthy food or beverage that you enjoy regularly with a healthier alternative. Craving a candy bar? Opt for a handful of nuts. Instead of that third cup of coffee, reach for the green tea. Little switches can add up to big results over time.

Drink On

The 8-cups of water rule is so old-school. New studies show that most women 19 years and older need closer to 11 cups of water a day. Don’t think you could drink that much? Cut the cups down and work your way up. The more water you drink, the more your body wants it, so it’s a fab cycle to get hooked into. Treat yourself to a pretty reusable water bottle to kick off your new routine. Worried about boredom? Infuse with fruits, veggies and herbs to change up flavors.


No Makeup Zone

We’re all guilty of it: going to sleep with makeup on. Truth is, we know how bad it is for our skin. Yet we still do it on occasion. Make it a breeze to go to bed with a clean face by keeping some makeup remover wipes by the bathroom sink or on your nightstand. Perfect for those times when you’re just too tired to do a thorough cleanse.

SPF Yourself

SPF is super important in helping to prevent sun damage. Using moisturizer? Great – you’re halfway there. Choose a daily moisturizer that contains SPF (preferably an index of 30). You can hydrate and protect your face all in one step!

Just Dump It

Got makeup that predates the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner breakup? It’s gotta go. Using expired makeup can cause infections, rashes and more. Twice a year, take stock of everything in your makeup bag and toss what’s past date.

Sounds easy, right? By downsizing your expectations, you can up your chances for success. After all, if you take enough baby steps, you can make huge strides toward becoming a happier, healthier you. And that’s what it’s all about: being the best you possible.

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