Unwrapped: Creative Gift Wrapping 101

Person Wrapping A Gift

Let it commence: the season of giving…and gifting! Around here, we’re suckers for really pretty packaging. After all, a decked-out parcel is a total teaser for what’s inside, right? You see a gorgeous package. Anticipation grows. You give it a shake. Your mind starts spinning…what’s inside?.

We sent our marketing team on a special mission this holiday season: create dreamy gift wrap inspiration that even the most gift wrap challenged person can recreate. Don’t believe us? Well, our crew is full of self-professed gift wrap novices. That means you can do it, too…really!

As Carrie Hammer noted in our Let Your Style Shine: Gift Giving webisode, custom gift wrapping is a fun way to incorporate your personal style (or the style of your recipient) into all your gifting. So bring some tape, a jingle bell or two and, of course, your imagination. And prepare to amaze your friends and family with your exceptionally awesome, newfound gift wrapping skills.

Modern Traditional Gift Wrapping


Whether stacked under the tree or presented to friends, these gifts are a vision in red. Dress up your packages with classic red and white baker’s twine, oversized vintage buttons and some metallic jingle bells. Create a flurry of excitement by making a snowman out of white pom-poms (a great activity for the kids!). No bow? No problem. A simple strip of paper can be cut into a pretty ribbon – toss on some sparkle for subtle sheen.

Glam Gift Wrapping


These gift looks are guaranteed to bring on the ahhhs. Wide velvet ribbons and everything metallic just evoke a look of luxe. Check your baubles – faux pearl necklaces can be instantly transformed into eye-catching trimmings. Or up the opulence with gilded netting or sequined fabric placed to one side.

Vintage and Rustic Gift Wrapping


The holidays often conjure images of pretty paper packages tied up in string…and these presents don’t disappoint. Kraft paper in brown or white is an excellent – and affordable – backdrop for all your wrapping adventures. Feathers and sprigs of glittery greenery can take your look up a few notches. For extra flair, try weaving different colors and widths of ribbon to create a designer feel. Or make it personal – place an old photo of the recipient atop vintage lace and handkerchiefs. Whatever you choose, your gift is sure to inspire some heartwarming memories!

With a few just-right finishing touches, it’s a snap to create beautifully bundled gifts guaranteed to make ‘em smile. Remember: your holiday embellishments don’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. It’s all about that extra little love you’re putting into their gift. Happy gift wrapping!

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