Coat Warmth Rating Guide: Find the Perfect Warmth at the Perfect Price

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Blizzard in Boston? Sunny in LA? No worries. We’ve got you covered…literally. Burlington has a simple way to find the coat that’s just right for whatever the weather. Our online Warmth Rating Guide will help you select the ideal warmth for every member of your family – at a fraction of the price!

How does it work? Our Warmth Rating Guide is divided into 3 sections: Mild, Cold, and Extreme. Choose the perfect level of warmth for where you live. It’s that easy!


Woman wearing gray anorak coat with white shirt and jeans

A great light layer for when you need just a touch of warmth. Moto jackets, denim jackets and lightweight anoraks often fall into this category. No need to sacrifice style for comfort either – Burlington’s packed with loads of lightweight jackets with must-have details like quilting, embroidery and embellishments.


Woman wearing long maroon wool coat with black dress and heels

Coats in this category kick up the warmth a notch. They’re fantastic for days when it’s a tad more than chilly but not quite full-on tundra. Wool coats, like peacoats, are popular choices – available in practically any style, color and size imaginable. Leather and faux leather jackets are often found paired with a toasty shearling layer.


Woman wearing white puffer coat with the hood up and gloves

These coats are equipped with maximum warmth and protection to help shield you from the elements. They’re often designed with additional keep-warm details like a removable inner zipper and outer zipper to ward off the wind and cold. Puffers and down coats offer an exceptional insulating layer while 3-in-1 system jackets give you the ultimate in versatility with multiple ways to wear (and stay warm!). Ski and snow pants help keep your bottom half comfortable and dry when out and about. And don’t forget the power of the hood – oversized hoods provide an additional layer of warmth (look for faux fur trims for a pop of style).

It’s never been easier to find the right coat for the right price for every member of your family. Hurry into your local Burlington store – hundreds of the best coat styles are landing all the time.

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