Why We're Closed On Thanksgiving

Girl watching Thanksgiving Day parade

Thanksgiving is more than turkey. Or football. Or sleeping in. It’s a time to reflect. To be thankful and appreciate what we have. To celebrate and share with family and friends near and far.

That’s why Burlington stores are closed on Thanksgiving Day, so our customers and associates can enjoy time with their friends and family near and far.

We asked some of our associates about how they spend their Thanksgiving. Perhaps you’ll discover a new Thanksgiving tradition (or two!) for your family.

Girl serving food at a soup kitchen

SHANNON (Planning)

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks, and I have so much to be thankful for. As I grew up, I realized not everyone was as lucky as I was. For the past 4 years, my mom, sister and I have volunteered at a local soup kitchen. It’s honestly such a humbling experience to spend the holiday giving back to those who are less fortunate. The feeling of gratitude fills my heart, by serving those less fortunate, is unexplainable. The experience has taught me how much more important it is to give than receive.

STEPHANIE (Store Operations)

Every year Stephanie and her son get up early and watch the Thanksgiving Day parade in their pajamas. Around noon, they get ready to go to her mom’s house for dinner (and, of course, they take home plenty of leftovers!). But no Thanksgiving would be complete without bringing her horse, Chief, a pumpkin as a treat.

Woman riding a horse

Family singing at dining room table

LENA MARIA (Production)

Lena Maria’s Thanksgiving tradition was born out of playful family rivalry. After seeing Saturday Night Live’s Thanksgiving Miracle segment – where Adele’s Hello was the only thing that saved the family from saying inappropriate comments at dinner – Lena Maria’s family decided to put their own special spin on the song. Each family member took on a different lyric, replicating the songstress’ distinct style. Then they sent the video to their Rhode Island and Ohio relatives and challenged them to a song-off. The families plan on repeating the fun this year with a new hit song.

WALTER (Advertising)

Over 40 family members gather from as far as New Zealand for Thanksgiving dinner. But first – orienteering at a state park. Orienteering is a fun sport that requires its participants to use a map and compass to navigate from point to point in unfamiliar terrains (think of it as a variation on the classic scavenger hunt). The winner gets his or her name carved into a rustic wooden plaque, plus ultimate bragging rights.

Family Orienteering at a park

Girl standing outside house with uncle

SAMANTHA (Marketing)

For Samantha’s family, the holiday is bittersweet. When her uncle, Adam, was undergoing chemo, all he wanted to eat on Thanksgiving was pizza. From then on that’s what he enjoyed for each and every Thanksgiving dinner. Sadly, Adam passed away a couple of years ago. Samantha’s family continues to eat a pizza pie every year on Thanksgiving to celebrate his life.

Although our stores are closed on Thanksgiving Day, please preview our great in-store deals at Burlington.com. Our stores will re-open on Black Friday at 7 A.M.

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  • Andria |

    Happy Thanksgiving, Burlington family!

  • Jane Graynor |

    Thank you...this is the way it should be...stores closed on Thanksgiving Day. May God Bless Burlington stores!

  • Jacquie |

    Thank you Burlington for caring about your employees and customers enough to give them this time to spend with their families. Because of this I will always be a customer, it is more than just a making money which a lot of stores these days don't seem to understand, so KUDO's to you and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

  • Lucie Schultz |

    I Love & respect your stores core values that put commerce aside and allow and invite your employees and customers to stop and reflect on Thanksgiving and gratefulness. Wish others would follow your lead!
    Thank YOU for the wonderful stories you shared with us. What a great way to start my Thanksgiving Day.
    Many Thanks,
    Lucie Schultz

  • Aldina |

    Happy Thanksgiving Burlington Family !!!! Glad you took day off to enjoy it with your family !!!!

  • Themooninautumn |

    Thank you so much for taking a stand for family time. I'm proud of you and will continue to support stores that DON'T ruin people's holidays. : )

  • Lena Outlaw |

    Happy Turkey day, that'swonderful only Burlington love your store Mr Orlando the manager at Obt is the Best

  • Dinah |

    I am touch that few companies such as yours do the give in to the commercialization oh the holidays. I applaud you on giving your employees a chance to celebrate with their families.

  • Janice Joyce Hedman |

    I applaud you on a wonderful and thoughtful decision. We love your company even more now! God bless you!

  • Jerldine Brock |

    I've been with the Company 10yrs., Was a customer before being an employee. I'm grateful to GOD everyday for my blessings & one is that working for a company (a caring company) that value family, people & the community is key to being the no. 1 store in S.D., store 351 rock!!
    Happy Thanksgiving🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱

  • Sam.Sussman |

    As a Burlington associate, I want to say thank you for being closed on Thanksgiving to allow me to spend the holiday with my family!

  • Heather |

    Thanks Burlington for giving your associates time to spend with their families on Thanksgiving!

  • Pamela Dickinson |

    Super THANKFUL to have off on this holiday to spend time with my family and friends. Thank you, Burlington.

    Pam Dickinson_Associate

  • Christi |

    And this is why I am a customer for life. Its nice to see a corporation have a compassionate side and not give in to the almighty dollar. There are only a few out there, so Thank you Burlington!

  • Maria N. |

    Congratulations to my favorite store. I hope all stores do this because I know some people don't want to work today but they have to. Is the thanksgiving tradition be thankful the way you like it, spend time with your family and friends, no 🚫shopping we can go Black Friday like it was before. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL THE BURLINGTON'S FAMILIES.

  • Glen |

    Thank you for allowing your employees to have the day off so they can have Thanksgiving Day with their families.
    It's a Blessing!!

  • Sophie Antillon |

    Even though I love shopping at your stores, I think your policy of closing on Thanksgiving is a wonderful thing for your employees! Keep up the good work!

  • Nancy King |

    I have worked in retail for 8 years. Traditions passed and I couldn't fully partake. I always felt upset, but never realized how important this time was until today. Today, I woke up and turned on the parade, prepared some food then started to watch the cowboy's game.(Our family's team). I get to enjoy this day with my close loved ones, especially my 90yr old grandmother. Today I won't say, "I'm sorry grandma, I have to leave for work. I really did enjoy your famous barley. Love you." Today, I can laugh, smile, share, and fully be thankful that this company appreciates the importance of work/life balance, and family. Thank you Burlington!

  • Cesilya |

    This is the way it should be. More stores should do this. They’re more worried about money and not realizing they are tearing families apart just so they can open the doors for a sale. Thanks a new found respect for Burlington.

  • Nancy Cline |

    I absolutely love that you chose to close your stores for Thanksgiving! Everyone wants to be at home, or with family, or friends. It is a time of being thankful, and giving thanks for every blessing. Thank you for honoring this special day, and also for actually opening on Friday! Black Friday, not Thursday, Thanksgiving day. ❤️

  • Maria garcia |

    Im burlington customer and I want to said thanks for to keep the tradition to be closed on thanksgiving day not like other store that had change the traditions
    My English is not good enough to say all that I want.
    Thanks so much

  • Reece |

    Happy Thanksgiving and Congratulations Burlington! I am so glad you have values in your establishment. On this day I get disgusted how large corporate greed super exceeeds employee gratitude. Today is a day for family or friends.
    To the staff at my local store in the North Hanover Mall, Happy Thanksgiving! You gals are the greatest! So helpful and always so happy and pleasant . I always take my kids there, They love this store! You deserve your day!

  • Kelly |

    Thank you for being closed on Thanksgiving day. That's the way it should be. I wish more stores would do that. Keep black Friday on Friday! Another reason I love Burlington! Thanks again!

  • Patricia |

    Thank you thank you thank you !!! I am so happy to hear you don’t open on Thanksgiving at all, it is so important that employees have time to spend the holidays with family. You will come out ahead because I know that people respect your decision. I will definitely be doing more shopping at your store because of this reason .
    You know the true meaning of Thanksgiving and hopefully Christmas !
    Thank you again and Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁🍽🥂

  • terry harvilic |

    Thank you for giving your associates the day off! I always felt main holdays should be spent with families and not working to profit a company's bottem line. Because of this I will be giving you my business this holiday season!!

  • Latonya |

    As an employee I am thankful to consumers and the corporations for not doing business as usual!! We all should take time out of our bisy work lives to give thanks!! Life is short..

    Thanks consumers for supporting us on Burlington's stand on family at this time of year!

    God bless you & your families!!


  • Mary |

    From my family to yours Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃🍽

  • Evelyn Randells |

    Thank you Burlington for caring about your employees and customers enough to give them this time to spend with their families. Because of this I will always be a customer,

  • Tammy |

    Dear Burlington,

    Thank you very much for not opening on Thanksgiving so that your employees could spend time with their families. This year I decided not to go Black Friday shopping after all on Thanksgiving. I wish more businesses went back to the tradition of actual Black Friday shopping on Friday! Thanks for sharing the wonderful stories. 😇👏🏽🙏🏾

  • Ellie |

    It is good to know that there are still a few business executives who put family first for this holiday. The money is important for success but associate happiness is also important. No one wants to work on a family oriented holiday, not discounted the careers that cannot do this. Thank you and continue the tradition of Burlington.


    Heart warming to know that everyone has not forgotten the true meaning of Thanksgiving,
    Thanks to Burlington's management for remaining closed on Thanksgiving day to allow their workers to share love, food, and gratitude with friends and family one day of the year,

    For more than 50 years, my family and friends spent Thanksgiving at the home of my Auntie Carmen ( the matriarch
    of our family). Our aunt transitioned almost four years ago,the young kids,grown up, have now started their own traditions, but the precious memories of those years are still etched in our minds.

    Thanks to all the businesses that chose to remain closed this year, Hats off to Burlington's.

  • Maxine |

    Happy Thanksgiving, Burlington family! For a few years now i have been posting on social media that stores should be closed on Thanksgiving, The meaning of Thanksgiving no one knows anymore, it gets past up straight into Christmas shopping. I believe Thanksgiving is a day to spend with family, friends and enjoy talking to one another and checking the cell phones at the door. I wish more stores would follow your lead and let people be together and not working.