Cleaning Gear That Will Seriously Change Your Life

Person standing in a messy room

Today is National Clean Up Your Room Day.

This day isn’t just about getting kids to clean their rooms (though that’s an extra bonus!). It’s about picking up and straightening up to spruce up your space. It’s about clearing clutter, making room and tossing or donating what’s not needed any more.

So go forth and rediscover the floor of your closet. Make that bed. Get rid of toys and clothing your kids have outgrown.

Have you been avoiding your spring cleaning this year? Today is the day to get motivated. And Burlington is loaded with tons of affordable I-didn’t-know-they-made-that cleaning gear guaranteed to make a huge impact in every spot of your home.

Kitchen gloves, scrub brushes and drainer


Nowadays you can find all your favorite looks to suit your style. For classic girls, try these coordinated scrubbers with gorgeous bamboo handles. We especially love the fluffy foam cleaner – perfect for gently washing plates and the insides of glasses. For you glam gals, turn up the fun with animal print gear that protects while you clean.

Microfiber cloths and dusters


Don’t judge us – we actually got a little excited about cleaning the bath once we saw these tools. The cleaning cloths are sheer genius. One side is microfiber – great for mirrors and more. The other side features non-scratch scrubbers to gently power away grime in the tub and sink. For dirt lodged in small crevices, grab this corner duster. Got blinds? These cleaning “tongs” attract and trap dust – just toss the microfiber covers in the wash when done.

Dustpans and brooms

Living Room

If you’ve gotta sweep the floors, you might as well do it stylishly. From floor scrubbers to dust pan and broom combos, you’ll find everything you need to make quick work of those dust bunnies. Good-looking enough to sit out, slim enough to stow out of sight.

Boxes for organization


What’s a girl to do with all those hairbrushes and hair tools? Organize ‘em neatly in a chic storage box! We just love these little bins. Not only are they stylish, but they’re sized just right for stashing everything from accessories to body lotions – even desk essentials or pet toys.

So which room in the house do you plan to tackle first? For even more cleaning supply finds, visit your Burlington store or shop online and save up to 65% off other retailers’ prices every day.

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