Change Your Life with These 7 Organizational Secrets

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January is National Get Organized Month. That means it’s finally time to declutter your home. If this sends shivers down your spine – relax. And check out our 7 easy tips (emphasis on easy) for getting control of your clutter!

1. Start small and tackle one room – or one closet – at a time. If you break up your whole house into bite-size pieces, you won’t feel so overwhelmed. And the sense of accomplishment you’ll get when you complete a whole room will certainly motivate you to keep on decluttering.

2. Find a place for every loose item in your home. This is super important if you want to gain control – and keep ahead – of your clutter situation. Start with the stuff you use the most: remote control, hairbrush, etc. Find a permanent place for these items in the actual room you use them in. That way they’ll be right where you need them (and you’ll also be more likely to put them away when you’re done).

If you’re short on space, think about purchasing some decorative bins and baskets. Not only will they give your items a place to live, they’ll also pull double duty by adding a decorative touch to any room. (Hint: Burlington has plenty of styles and colors to match any décor…all at amazing savings.)

Storange and organization pieces for your closet

3. Have you looked in your closets lately? Really looked in them? Closets are a likely clutter offender. And we have one word for you: purge! Donate clothes you haven’t worn in the last year. Out with the old, in with the new!

Still too much stuff in there? Think about a hanging shoe organizer. This closet staple keeps your shoes paired together and within reach.

4. Organize your bathroom sink by using attractive glass jars, low bowls and matching tumbler and toothbrush holder sets. These space-savers let you keep your most-used items at your fingertips while keeping the sink area free of stuff.

5. Get it off the floor! Shelves are an instant fix. Artfully situate items on your shelf so it functions as part storage part stylish display.

Desk storage and organization

6. Cleaning supplies taking over in your cabinets? Consider keeping ‘em in a plastic caddy that’s easily transportable as you go from room to room. That way they don’t consume otherwise valuable storage space.

7. Place a wicker basket at the bottom of your steps for shoes or anything else that will be moving upstairs. This keeps the stairs safe from clutter (plus it’s a great decorative touch!).

So, what are you waiting for? Armed with these helpful tips, it’s time to get up and get organized. Make 2017 the year to declutter, destress and delight in your organized home!

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  • Ruth |

    Thanks for these helpful tips. I plan to use them. Thanks in advance.

  • Millie |

    Like the idea of organizing my clutter.

  • Chanel Fleming |

    Clutter has always been a challenge for me! Instead of getting organized, I usually just throw everything away! Then I have to start all over again. Thanks for the tips! I will try applying these tips and hopefully start saving myself some money!