The Hottest Home Decorating Trend? True Blues!

Living room set up with floral wallpaper, blue tuffed and grommet chair on a blue printed rug, wood tables with flowers, picture frames and candles sticks on the tables and floral art on the walls

When it comes to decorating your home, the answer is a resounding yes! And blue is a hue that comes in a wide range of shades to stylishly express your look.

This season, every shade of blue is a total do. Fancy a bolder look? Add some navy or indigo to your décor. Looking for a soothing oasis? Sky blue or periwinkle are the perfect calming shades for your quiet place. Want a dramatic pop of color? Add a splash of royal blue.

No matter which way you go, blue can definitely be you. And we have all your favorite hues in furniture, décor and more at Burlington…for up to 60% off other retailers’ prices every day

Blue tuffed and grommet chair on a blue rug in a room with floral wallpaper and a light wood table with white flowers on in

Layer On The Blue

If you’ve been thinking about refreshing a room, why not give it a full blue makeover? We’re not talking all navy or all indigo. Think more along the lines of mixing hues and incorporating several shades to create a truly blue-tiful look! Really, how you do blue is up to you. Complement a bold, dark blue chair with some blue-gray furniture accent pieces. Work in soothing light blue wall art and then tie it all together with an area rug in both light and dark shades. The end result? A room full of stunning color that serves as a cozy oasis with a punch.

Tan wicker basket filled with neutral colored rugs rolled up on top of a rug with tassles and rolled up tall colorful rugs against the wall

Be Floored At What Blue Can Do

Of course, you don’t have to go all blue for the whole room. Sometimes all it takes to refresh your space is a new addition. The right accent or area rug can add a lot of personality to a room. Just a hint of blue in a rug can truly pull a room together. Whether it’s a beige rug with a touch of indigo accents or a gray rug sprinkled with navy designs, that subtle touch of blue goes a long way. Whatever you choose, you can achieve a striking balance of subtlety and flair that allows your floor to bring out the best in the rest of your room.

Blue towels sitting on top of blue and grey bath mats

The Finishing Touches Go A Long Way

It really doesn’t require a whole lot of blue to make a fashionable impact on a room. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Consider adding blue bath mats or towels to a bathroom to add a hint of sophistication. Or how about some blue dish towels in the kitchen? The possibilities are virtually endless: light and dark blue throw pillows for a bed or sofa, curtains for a living room, picture frames and candles for a family room. No matter what the room, we have the blue for you!

If you’re ready for a case of the blues, head to your local Burlington store to find gorgeous furniture, décor and more for your home for way less.

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