The Best Activewear for Every Workout

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Whether you’re hitting the pavement, treadmill or yoga mat, you need the right activewear to get the job done. And Burlington's loaded with the most fashionable looks at amazing savings to help push you forward, not hold you back.

So get a move on…and get ready to work up a sweat for less!

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Running Outdoors

The key to exercising outside in the cold? Light layers. Exercising can you make feel up to 30º warmer than the actual temperature. Overdress and you run the risk of excessive sweating, causing chills and muscle tightness from too-damp workout wear. By wearing several layers, you can remove an article of clothing if you get too warm. Look for wool blends, silks or synthetics that won't hold sweat against the skin, making you feel colder. Are your sneakers on their last leg? Now is a great time to grab a new look to reach your new fitness goals.

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Indoor Cardio

Jumping on the treadmill, joining that Zumba class or working those abs? Dress for success with breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics that help you keep your cool while staying on the move. Make sure to pick up a supportive sports bra, too. Different bras offer different levels of support. The type you need depends on your cup size and the type of exercise you're doing. Shorts or capri-length bottoms? It's up to you. At Burlington, you have a wide selection of colorful prints (we love how these capris pick up the hot pink of the top!).

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Pilates & Yoga

During the course of a typical class, you might find yourself standing, sitting – even rolling. That means you'll want to wear something that moves with you. Seek out workout wear that's close-fitting and stretchable. Some poses end with your legs in the air or your torso inverted. Baggy clothes could ride up or fall down, leaving you feel uncomfortable. Form-fitting styles allow your instructor to see your alignment and how your muscles are engaging. Also, look for bottoms with wide, stay-put waistbands because, of course, no one wants to stop to hike up her pants when she’s trying to flow.

Man wearing and orange shirt and grey shorts working out on a machine

Strength Training

For weightlifting, think comfort. Again, steer clear of too-baggy clothing that may get caught on equipment. Lightweight shorts and tees are great options, keeping you cool and moving with you with each press or curl. And Burlington is jam-packed with all your favorite looks and brand-name styles for way less.

Just because it's cold out doesn't mean you have to scrimp on style. Head on over to your Burlington store or shop online for the latest activewear looks for any activity…at a fraction of the price.

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