8 Iconic Coats and Jackets Worn by Movie Characters

The way characters dress in movies is the first chance we get to understand them – and that’s why so many iconic characters have iconic looks to go with them. Pick a movie character with a distinctive style, the more popular the better, and there is truly nothing that signifies an awesome look more than a great jacket. So, here are 8 iconic coats and jackets worn by movie characters – where better to find a little inspiration for your next costume?

Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s 1961) – trench coat

While Audrey Hepburn’s iconic Holly Golightly is most famous for the black dress and pearls look, Halloween night can get pretty cold. Luckily the socialite has you covered, literally, with her fabulous trench coat. Not only is it stylish, it’s perfect for reuniting with your lover in the rain.

Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad 2016) – red and blue satin bomber jacket

As the current DC movie universe’s Queen of Crime, it’s no wonder Harley Quinn gets her jackets custom made for her – just try not to think about what the seamstress had to go through to size her up! Her red and blue satin bomber jacket is perfect for every situation, whether you’re battling Batman or being forced to do the heroes dirty work.

Sandy (Grease 1978) – black leather jacket

From downright criminal to bad girl, we’ve got Sandy Olsson from the 1978 movie version of Grease. Go from Beauty School Dropout to Rock n Roll Party Queen with Sandy’s leather jacket. It’s the definitive look, especially if you plan to leave the party in a flying car. Just make sure and use your seat belt. Mid-air collisions are not cool.

Cruella de Ville (101 Dalmatians 1961) – long, white, fur coat

Despite being a maniacal Disney villain with a penchant for puppy-related clothing, Cruella de Ville actually looks good in everything. She rocks her best look with this long white fur coat. Great for parties, intimidating dog owners, and car chases, though that last one didn’t go so well, the Cruella look is a guaranteed showstopper, while also being just the thing for those cold nights.

James Bond (Spectre 2015) – white tuxedo jacket

Daniel Craig’s James Bond movies went from rebooting a tired old franchise, and slowly redefining just how cool Bond movies could be. The same thing happened with 007’s wardrobe as Casino Royale updated the crisp suit, with Skyfall going for the suave grey-suited look. Spectre was arguably the culmination of the redesign of this franchise as Craig’s Bond brought back and updated the classic white tuxedo jacket look, one which makes everyone who wears it one hundred percent more debonair. Unfortunately it doesn’t magically make you good at gambling, that’s just Bond.

Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981) - brown leather jacket

Harrison Ford has had a career full of iconic roles with equally iconic jackets. Han Solo’s dark jacket from The Empire Strikes Back, Rick Deckard’s brown trench coat in Blade Runner, but the best of the lot is the brown leather jacket of archeologist, adventurer, and museum lover, Indiana Jones. Debuting in Raiders of the Lost Ark, we’re not saying that wearing this jacket will stop you from getting crushed by booby traps, killed by natives, or save you from the Ark of the Covenant, but we’re not not saying it either. Let’s look at the evidence: four films, each with the jacket, and Indi is still going.

Marty McFly (Back to the Future 1985) – jean jacket and red down/puffer vest

It’s hard for a certain look to fit in the past, present, and future (though the Wild West was a step too far), but Marty McFly’s jean jacket and red puffer vest combo looks at home in the 50s, 80s, and whatever this decade will be called in the future. Like all of the best costumes, Marty’s look is easy and cheap to recreate – though some fans have gone as far as to purchase a replica of the real jacket. Now that is thinking fourth-dimensionally.

Andrew Clark (The Breakfast Club 1985) – letterman jacket

Let’s face the facts; we all wish high school was like The Breakfast Club. The social barrier between the jocks, geeks, rebels, and outcasts was coming down. Everyone instantly had a cool sense of fashion. And to top it all off, rallying against that crusty old assistant principal who just doesn’t get us - how could you not wish for times like that? Instead of that very healthy fantasy, why not go as a member of the Breakfast Club for Halloween, perhaps as the jock with hidden depths with Andrew Clark’s letterman jacket. No one will forget about you, and that’s the last of the bad jokes.

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