7 Hostess Gift Ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner

Hostess Gift Ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner

Preparing Thanksgiving dinner is no small feat – it takes a lot of time, preparation and, sometimes, even money. If there’s anyone who deserves a show of gratitude, it’s the host or hostess. And you can help. Play the gracious guest by bringing a token of thanks to dinner this year.

Some things to consider when selecting a gift: are you travelling a long distance to your Thanksgiving destination? If so, you may want to rethink the perishables. Do you want to ask the hosts what you should bring, or are you comfortable surprising them with something totally unexpected?

And speaking of the host and hostess – what’s their personality? Think about their entertaining style and select something he or she will truly enjoy. Stumped by what to bring? No problem. Here are seven thoughtful ways to give your compliments to the chef.

Flowers for Thanksgiving

Get Your Greens

A fresh bouquet of flowers is always a lovely gift and doubles as a great Thanksgiving centerpiece. But a bouquet often leaves a hostess scrambling to trim stems and find a vase, so make sure your arrangement is showcased in an eye-catching vessel. Try thinking beyond the bouquet, too. Succulents, for example, are extremely hardy and require very little care. Plus, they come in all sorts of textures and colors…even some blooming varieties. Create your own mini terrarium gift in a colorful pot – it’s inexpensive and can be enjoyed long after the party’s over.

Fall Candles

Light Things Up

There’s nothing like candles to set the mood…or relaxing after guests are gone. Available in all scents, shades and sizes sure to please.

For The Lil' Pumpkins

Going to a house where there are a lot of youngster running about? Bring something small for the kids to entertain ‘em. Some quick ideas: mini pumpkins, stickers, coloring books or a board game for them all to play post dinner.

Board Game

Coffee and Chocolates

A Tisket A Tasket

Gift baskets are great because they include tons of awesome goodies already dressed up in festive packaging. Plus, there’s something for everyone from the foodie to the tea connoisseur to the chocoholic. Want to bring something to enjoy at dinner? Pies are a given, but up your gifting game by also giving a gorgeous pie server to accompany your sweet treat. For a creative spin, pick up a freshly baked baguette and “wrap” it in a pretty dish towel – perfect for sharing at mealtime.

Win(e) Them Over

Toast the hosts with an incredible piece of barware. Shakers, stemware and wine charms are sure to get a lot of action at Thanksgiving dinner and beyond. Or opt for a nice vino or spirits dolled up in a fun gift bag for memorable presentation.

Wine Glasses

Puppy Furniture

Puppy Love

Earn the heart of the resident canine with chewies, toys or a gourmet dog cookie (or two!).

The Gift Of Gratitude

Remind your hosts how important they are to you. Show thanks with décor that beautifully shares touching sentiments. From door decorations to photo frames to centerpieces, you’ll find endless options to suit your tastes.

Pumpkin Signs for the Home

Really, these gifts could be used any time an occasion calls for a thank you. Remember: when it comes to gifting, it truly is the thought that counts. Make your gift thoughtful, personal…and you’ll be a guaranteed repeat invite.

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  • Rebekah |

    Thanks for all the great ideas! You covered almost everything that a hostess would love!! What a great job!!

  • Luz Erica Bailey |

    It's nice to give away gifts the others and our loved ones thank you Burlington for coming to Holland

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    Great stocking items, would love to hive them to family members!!

  • Pam |

    Each year we rotate spending the holidays with family and friends, so unless it is not our year to host I know ahead of time how many parties we will be attending, and how many will entail a dish to pass. When the holidays start to roll around I start thinking about what I will prepare this year and purchase serving plates, trays or bowls to accommodate the dish. The serving plate/bowl is then left as a hostess gift.