These 5 Things Will Change the Way You Relax

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National Bubble Bath Day is January 8th. And who doesn’t love a good bubble bath? Rich, sudsy bubbles…perhaps accompanied by beautiful candles and gentle music. It’s a little piece of the day carved out just for you. Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? Bubble Bath Day is a wonderful reminder to take a moment all to yourself to pamper and recharge.

But don’t wait for this special day to roll around to treat yourself to some well-deserved TLC. We’ve gathered 5 great ways to chillax. And everything can be found at Burlington at up to 65% off other retailers’ prices.

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Cozy Does It

Happiness is a great pair of fuzzy socks. Seriously – after a day in heels who doesn’t love slipping on a pair of buttery soft socks or slippers. Grab your snuggliest throw, light a candle and cozy up. The only things missing? Your favorite movie and a cup of tea.

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Nail’ed It

There’s nothing like gorgeous nails to make you feel like a million. But before you get painting – you need to get your nails mani- and pedi-ready. Slough away the day with an all-in-one exfoliating set for your tootsies. Then upgrade your nail routine with a handy care kit that includes everything from emery boards to clippers. Finally, choose your favorite hue that says you!

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Just Say Spahhh

Now you can bring the spa to you without leaving your house. Tense neck? Stiff shoulders? This body wrap may help. Simply heat in the microwave and enjoy. To amp up your experience add a few drops of essential oils to help calm and soothe. Now give your eyes a mini vacation – place the mask over your face and forget about the world for a while (this one can be heated or chilled for the ultimate in relaxation!).

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Get Soakin’

Nowadays there’s an endless selection of fragrances and skin-soothing essentials to take your bubble bath to the next level. Like your bath with a bit of fizz? Then a bath bomb is for you. Available in tons of fun colors and delicious scents, bath bombs dissolve in hot water, creating a wonderfully intoxicating experience. So indulgent – your day will feel incomplete without ‘em.

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Your skin, that is! When you’re fresh from the bath, be sure to use lotion to nourish and lock in moisture. But don’t stop there. From sexy to sweet, Burlington is filled with tons of luxurious hand creams, body sprays and more that’ll leave skin looking (and feeling!) incredibly soft, smooth and radiant.

This National Bubble Bath Day you have a single job: to take care of you. But don’t make pampering a one-time event. Thanks to Burlington’s everyday low prices, you can treat yourself to some TLC any day of the year. Head to your Burlington store or shop online to see what’s new now!

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