Snow Day Survival Guide: 5 Boredom Busters for Kids

kids playing outside in the snow

Snow day. Two words that cause kids everywhere to jump for joy. And their parents to feel overwhelming…dread.

What are we going to do all day? The kids are bound to get cabin fever. And you can only watch Frozen a few hundred times, right?

Well, we have some fun, easy snow-day activities you can do with your kids to keep everyone completely cozy, happy and busy.

Cup of hot cocoa with snowman made of marshmallows and pretzels


Take cocoa to a whole new level by having kids make their own snowman “garnish”. Place 3 marshmallows on a toothpick. Use a candy corn for the nose (or whatever small treat you have on hand) and chocolate chips for the eyes and buttons. Add pretzel sticks for the arms and legs. Drop in a hot mug of cocoa and drink away!

Father reading to two daughters in a homemade fort


Blankets. Pillows. Stuffed animals. Snacks. Check! These are the makings of an incredible indoor fort. Change into your pajamas. Then grab a favorite book or laptop loaded with a movie and enjoy some good old-fashioned family time.

Homemade snow globe with Christmas tree inside


Snow globes are so much fun…and so easy to make! Find a glass jar with a snug-fitting lid – baby food jars, spaghetti sauce jars, etc. are perfect. Then grab décor to jazz up the inside of your snow globe. Plastic and ceramic do best. Get creative – plastic toys are awesome for adding fun and personality. Glue decorations on the underside of the cap with a hot glue gun. Then fill the jar about 90% full of water. Add glitter to star as the snow. Optionally, you can also add 2 teaspoons of baby oil – this helps slow down the glitter snow as it falls. Screw on the cap and give a good shake.

Little girl playing a handmade guitar


Create an impromptu band with your kids and make a music video. Pick your song. Pick your costumes. Then create instruments out of cardboard boxes (make sure to decorate to make ‘em your own!). Then hit record on your smartphone and share with all your fans on Facebook.

Little girl eating a cup of cherry shaved ice


Make a REAL snow cone with snow you find right outside your door. What you need: a cup, spoon, flavoring and, of course, snow. Scoop up clean, freshly fallen snow and add to your cup. Now choose your flavor – maple, chocolate and berry are all delicious options. Mix the snow and flavor together…and enjoy!

With a little preparation and creativity, you'll have plenty of activities to keep your whole crew happily entertained the next time snow strands you at home.

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  • Traci |

    Wow, what a great bunch of ideas! I thought I knew all the snow day tricks, but I learnred some new ones today. My girls and I made the coacoa snowmen together, and it was lots of fun. I can see this is a blog I'm going to have to keep checking out from now on. Thanks for saving us from the snow day blahs! :)

  • Jennifer |

    How fun! I'll def will be remembering these for the next snow day. My kids are always so bored when it snows. My kids and I love to make cookies when it snows. We'll be making the hot chocolate snowman to go with them next time. Thanks for all the tips – it's so nice that you include ideas that moms can do with kids!

  • Emma |

    I'm a teacher – this is great! My parents always complain that they don't know what to do with their kids on snow days. I'm going to print this out and hand it out to my parents.

  • Angela |

    Love these! My son did the snow globes and it was a huge hit! We also love making play dough and monster goo on an inside day. One snow day we got into our bathing suits and piled up all the pillows/blankets next to the couch and jumped off the couch like it was a pool...could parlay that into a super fort next time. And I love the marshmallow snowmen. Could pretend they're Olaf after watching Frozen....

  • Jody |

    A fort is always an awesome idea, hours of fun.

  • Gary |

    The snow cones were really easy to do. Honestly, I wasn't sure if they'd taste good. But ,y guys seem to like them alot

  • Katie |

    These ideas are great! Especially love the snow globe idea. This will make being housebound much easier - and actually fun!

  • carolina johnson |

    - making paper snow flakes
    - put on a play
    - actually go outside and make a snowman (could be funny)/snow fort

  • Sheronda |

    Perfect timing – we're getting a big snow storm tomorrow. Guess I knoe what we'll be doin ;)