5 Festive Ways to Wrap Your Gift Card

Gift cards on a Christmas tree

You just bought your mom, best friend, niece [insert family member or friend here] a gift card for the holidays. Fantastic! Gift cards are a great one-size-fits-all gift for everyone on your list.

Now, how do you wrap it? This year, up the excitement of your gift card with a wrapping and presentation that’s as pretty and fun as the present inside. We’ve rounded up 5 awesome – and easy! – ideas to dress up your gift cards so they’re perfect for giving. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a lot to do it. It just takes a little creativity to add a personal touch that’s all your own.

Let’s get wrapping!

Silver and red place setting with gift card in a wine cork

Take Your Seat

This idea is great for when you have a large crew you’re gift giving to. Make a slit in a wine cork to hold the gift card. Then create a nametag and slip inside. Put at each place setting – your company won’t be able to wait to take their seat!

Gift card in a picture frame

Frame It Up

Around here, we really love the idea of giving a gift within a gift. And it’s so simple to do. Pick a photo frame that speaks to his or her personality. Glam, classic, funny, there are tons of styles to choose from. Place your gift card inside the frame and voilà – it’s two gifts in one! After the holidays, recipients can replace with their favorite photo.

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Gift card in a waterless snowglobe

Let It Snow

Waterless snow globes are so easy to create – even your child can make one! Plus, they’re a fun vessel to hold your gift card. To get started, find a clean jar. Then scour your house for spare ornaments and holiday décor and glue ‘em on the inside of the lid. Tuck a gift card in between your decorations. To get that magical snow globe effect, add a pinch or two of glitter to the glass jar before you screw on the lid.

Wallet with gift card in it

Deck the Wall(ets)

Give a little extra “spending cash” to go with that new wallet. Choose from endless looks and colors to fit every style. Works great for handbags, backpacks and makeup bags, too!

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Gift cards on a mini Christmas tree

O Christmas Tree

Have a lot of grandkids or nieces and nephews? Create an unexpected way for kids to claim their gift. Nestle or hang gift cards on a miniature tree. Then invite recipients to take their pick. Bonus: the decorated tree doubles as a great centerpiece, too.

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