College Prerequisites: 5 Essentials for Decorating Your Dorm

Three girls moving into a new apartment

It’s almost that time. Students will be flocking back to campus, moving into dorms or apartments. But you don’t have to let small spaces cramp your style! No matter how tiny your pad is, you can still find tons of cute ways to decorate and store all your stuff.

Got champagne taste but a pizza budget? No problem. Burlington is stocked full of plenty budget-friendly must-haves to turn your spot into the place everyone wants to hang out in.

What should be on your list? Read on!

Fun office space with desk chair and rug decorated with bright accessories

1. Smart Furniture & Storage

Real estate in any college dorm or apartment is typically at a premium. Opt for slim silhouettes, like this compact desk and chair, to give you the perfect spot for studying while not intruding too much on your floor plan. Fresh storage in vibrant hues looks oh-so sharp and keep you totally organized. And when decorating, don’t forget to look up and down. Rugs are an easy fix for warming up floors below while art gives walls that extra pizazz.

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Fun printed sheets and bedding

2. Bedding With Personality

The bed is arguably one of the biggest pieces of furniture you’ll have. With so much surface area, why not make it pop? Choose a colorful comforter and sheets (we especially love these Boston Terrier sheets!) to make an impact. Or check out our bed-in-the bag sets for an easy, one-and-done coordinated look.

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Flat image of fun pillows

3. Let's Talk Pillows

Pillows are for more than relaxing. Imagine ‘em as art for your bed or couch. Combine multiple patterns and prints to create a fun focal point.

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Fun texured stools and ottomans

4. Versatile Seating

When selecting pieces for your small living space, think multipurpose. These ottomans and stools do double duty – not only are they great seating options for guests, they also make awesome side tables, too. Look for interesting textures, like metallic and faux fur, for an unexpected splash of wow

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Bright colored bathroom accessories

5. The Pretty Extras

Storage and organization doesn’t end with your schoolwork. Brushes, blushes, soaps – they all need a place to call home. Multi-tiered organizers give a big bang for your buck. Go sleek with clear acrylic or glam with subtle shimmer and shine.

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Bright colored cleaning acessories


Now that you’ve got your place looking cute, make sure to keep it looking its best. And you know what that means: clean up time. Dusters and brooms in fab colors get the job done fast. In Burlington stores now!

Start your semester with some serious style and savings. Everything you need to be crowned queen of the campus is right here at Burlington – at a fraction of the cost.

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