4 Easy Steps to Mastering the Farmhouse Look

Farmhouse home decor

Farmhouse style is a super hot look trending in home decorating. And with good reason. It’s welcoming, casual and incredibly livable. A farmhouse room embraces cozy sofas, plump pillows, natural textiles and vintage-inspired accessories.

Think country without the kitsch. The farmhouse look is wonderfully sophisticated and is so easy to achieve. We’ll show you how – just 4 easy steps are all it takes to create a room bursting with charm and character. And everything can be found at Burlington at up to 65% of other retailers’ prices every day.

Farmhouse decor on dresser and walls

1. Combine Textures

Try mixing wood furniture and décor with pieces made from metal. The unexpected pairing adds to the homey rustic feel. Bonus points if you opt for a distressed finish. While you’re at it – skip very dark or ultra bright hues. Instead, go for soft beiges, creams and gray. They’re all staples in the farmhouse palette. These soothing shades create a light, airy look practically anywhere.

Farmhouse wall art and vases

2. Natural Elements

Worn wood with gorgeous deep grains and grooves. Vintage-inspired glass and vases. Wall art with eye-catching florals. It’s all a go. Look for any opportunity to bring the outdoors in.

Farmhouse pillows

3. Cozy Touches

The farmhouse look is oh-so warm and inviting, so play off of that with comfy decorative throw pillows in your color palette.

Farmhouse kitchen gadgets

4. Think Beyond The Living Room

The farmhouse feel works for practically room in the house. Go for fresh florals and calming colors when decorating the bath. In the kitchen, create the modern farmhouse kitchen of your dreams with marble accents, chic wood details and more.

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