3 Office-Approved Looks for Casual Fridays

Casual Friday Looks

Woohoo! You’re almost there. The weekend’s so close you can almost touch it. But you have one more task in front of you: nailing your casual Friday look.

A recent survey found that 66% of female respondents say they liked casual Fridays. Approximately 24% claim that office dress code even factored into their job choice.

And with good reason. From a fashion perspective, casual Fridays are quite possibly the best day of the week at the office. It’s your chance to cut loose. Express yourself. Break out your bedazzled jeggings…or is it?

It’s all fun and games until someone gets called into HR. When putting together your casual Friday style, your goal should be to create a dressed-down look that balances work appropriate and casual pieces for a professional, yet relaxed vibe. The takeaway: it’s important not to take casual Fridays quite so casually.

Of course, your end-of-the-workweek look depends on what field you’re in. Here are some easy wear-now outfits for 3 different industries to help you stylishly tackle casual days…and not commit those Friday faux pas. Best of all, they start with your favorite dark denim!

Professional Casual Friday Attire


Trade in your starched white shirt for a more flower option. This particular button-down is incredibly H O T this season, coming in a wide array of colors and cool embellishments (check out those goldtone buttons!). Top with a relaxed navy blazer and then pop on some nude pointed-toe flats to exude professional polish anywhere.

Corporate Casual Friday Attire


For those working in an office environment, casual Fridays give you the opportunity to shake up your regular 9-to-5 style. Embrace a bold print. This lightweight top goes graphic, classic and modern all in one swoop. And because every gal’s gotta have pockets, we swapped out the blazer for this cozy textured charcoal cardigan. Footwear is a perfect place to nod to fall’s hottest trend: fringed booties.

Creative Casual Friday Attire


Creative environments like ad agencies and graphic design firms tend to be more laidback by nature, but don’t let those dress-down days translate into sloppiness. Amp up your casual cool with on oversized olive sweater – one of the IT colors for fall. Then turn on the shine with metallic loafers for an artsy, but not stuffy look.

Of course, you’ll want to gauge the tone of the office and adjust your wardrobe accordingly. When in doubt, dress it up. No one will ever knock you for over dressing. But come in too-torn, too-tight garments, heads may turn.

Step up your Friday look and give TGIF a whole new meaning.

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