3 Looks to Take Your Side Table from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Image with white couch and brown side table with plant and coffee cup

The side table. So often it goes overlooked. Until now

With just a few easy styling tips and tricks, that little table can be instantly transformed into a striking focal piece in your room.

There are tons of ways to make your table uniquely you. And Burlington is packed with eye-catching décor and more so you can add that extra flair…at a fraction of the price.

Ready to get decorating? Check out these 3 well-styled side tables for some inspiration!

White side table with lamp, mirror, candle, flowers and wall art that says live with no regrets

1. Classic Romantic

You embrace your softer side and love everything that feels fresh and feminine. This ensemble is sure to help unleash your inner romantic. When selecting lighting, look for the little details to help set the mood. The clear glass globe of this lamp lends a charming vintage vibe. We especially love how the wall art subtly plays up the silver in all the décor.

STYLE TIP Don’t forget to make it personal. Unique accessories, such as a lovely dish or special trinket, are what make a space your own. Flowers from your garden? Grab a gorgeous vase to display ‘em. Favorite photo? Show it off in something beautiful, like this timeless bejeweled picture frame.

Brown table with plants, picture frame, candle and wall art that says Let's Stay Home

2. Rustic Chic

This style just says, “let’s relax”, inviting you to kick your feet up and watch a movie. To get the look, think earth tones. Mixing and matching different textures add to the homey feel while remaining perfectly sophisticated.

STYLE TIP No green thumb? No problem. Opt for small, low-maintenance plants, like succulents. Or go faux with realistic-looking greenery. It’s a great way to inject color into any room.

Black table with picture frame, plowers, candle and wall art

3. All-out Glam

You’re about shine, shine, shine. And this vignette puts it all on full display. Pick your favorite metallic and stick with it. Here, gold is the shade of choice and flecks of it are picked up in each piece (even the wall art!). The color’s stark contrast to the black side table adds a real richness to the overall style.

STYLE TIP When decorating, go for balance. If everything is placed at the same height, it all gets lost visually. Instead, vary the scale of your décor to create interest, depth and dimension.

These 3 looks are proof that you can achieve a seriously great look for less. From affordable décor to the perfect side table, Burlington has everything you need to create your own personal style.

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  • Kay R. |

    I personally like the All-Out Glam look or the Classic Romantic look. Which ever way you go it is about balance both in colors, height and items (placing and number). Don't forget that decorating like fashion is form of self expression and an extension of you. Don't be afraid to express yourself. Only by doing so will you "Live and Learn" as they say and figure what you method of decorating is and what forms you like and don't like. I guess one piece of advice is to read magazines, read online articles, blogs and learn about architecture and interior design. Believe it or not interior design and fashion go hand in hand. Many designers are now also designing home collections.