10 Wardrobe Essentials No Woman Should Be Without

Flat image of denim jacket, black pencil skirt, jeans and black pumps

Stop the what-to-wear scare. Picture this: it’s Sunday night. You open your closet with apprehension. You take a deep breath and go in. Thirty minutes later you emerge…empty handed.

It’s the late-night “I-have-nothing-to-wear” cry heard from thousands of women everywhere.

Truth is: fashions come and go. But the basics, well, they’re on trend forever. The basics are the building blocks of any woman’s wardrobe. Invest in these 10 timeless pieces and never face that what-to-wear dilemma again.


The turtleneck is almost magical, especially a black one. It instantly slenderizes and can be dressed up or down in a blink. Grab one in a ribbed fabric for a splash of casual luxe.

Black Turtleneck

Denim Jacket


Ask not what you can do for your denim jacket, but what your denim jacket can do for you. Now a daytime and nighttime standard, this go-to jacket adds a hit of cool to both to both your work and off-duty looks.


Pretty and practical, a basic pullover sweater goes with just about everything. Layer over a collared blouse during the workweek, then pair with your favorite jeans when you’re off the clock. Opt for a neutral like this taupe to get max mileage.

Beige pullover sweater

White button down shirt


Nothing else elevates a skirt, dress pants or jeans quite like the button-down. The classic white top gets a major update with this slinky silhouette – great for looking put-together during the 9-to-5 or easy, breezy on the weekend.


The perfect pair of jeans can truly transform your life. Seriously. Find the right ones and you’ll instantly look thinner, taller, trimmer. Talk about a mood booster! Dress ‘em up by topping with a sleek blazer or dress down with a cozy sweater.

Dark denim skinny jeans

Black pencil skirt


The pencil skirt is a definite do for going from desk to dinner to dancing. It adds subtle va-va-voom that’s work appropriate plus extra pow for when you’re at play.


Office not so corporate? Every gal should still have a great fitting blazer in her repertoire. No matter what you pair it with, you’ll always looks posh, polished, modern. Then toss over a simple top and jeans for a touch of tailored chic.

Black blazer with white button down shirt underneath

Black pumps


This fashion icon has withstood the test of time. And with good reason. It transitions seamlessly from day to night, going from classic to contemporary with a quick wardrobe change.


The black tote blends into any outfit like a chameleon. This particular carryall easily fits files and paperwork, plus all your nighttime essentials, in a sleek, understated look.

Black tote bag

Gold face watch with black leather bands


An oversized timepiece lends instant flair and doubles as a bracelet when layered with additional jewelry.

Your closet is only as good as what’s in it. These key pieces boast an enduring shelf life so you can be assured you’ll always look on point today, tomorrow – even years from now.

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  • Beverly Sanchez |

    This is lovely advice. My closet is like some kind of a horror movie which I open and close the door on quickly. Over a three year period, I've lost over 75 lbs. Of course that's wonderful but I really don't have that much that fits anymore. From your list I have the denim jacket and lots of great sweaters but I lack most of the other things at least in my current size . So thanks much.